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Global Monetary System Change: Will China Take Over the Reserve Currency Role?


US Dollar Share of Global Reserve Currencies Drops to 25 Year Low The USA’s financial response to COVID19 has raised concerns over the greenback’s prospects, as emerging economies such as China and Russia continue to diversify their holdings out of the global reserve currency. As a result, the global share of US-dollar-denominated exchange reserves dropped […]

The Russian Central Bank and the New Golden Rule

At the end of January we reported the following: “Russian gold reserves hit historic high, stockpiling record 223 tons last year. Meanwhile the “Central Bank of Russia (CBR) added 300,000 ounces (9.3 tons) of gold to its reserves in December, bringing the total yearly holdings to a record 1,838.211 tons, worth over $76 billion in […]

Silver and the Great Future of Mexico

The latest from our “favourite billionaire” Hugo Salinas Price is a speech he recently delivered to the Russian Embassy in Mexico. He delves into his plan for a particular type of silver coin that Mexico should produce and how it would be in great demand if they did. The really interesting thing is that he […]

The Silver Ruble Coin for Russia

Our preferred monetary system is one chosen “by the people”. We’ve discussed this numerous times such as here. But we highly doubt this will be voluntarily allowed by the powers that be. Not without some kind of collapse of the status quo.   Hugo Salinas Price has an idea about how the current monetary system may […]

Ditching the Dollar, One Country at a Time

We’ve posted this article chiefly for the infographic contained within it showing just how much the global monetary system has changed in recent years. Read on and you’ll see visually just how strong the move away from the US dollar has been. We’re not necessarily of the opinion that the US dollar is going to “die” completely, […]

199 Days of Hell: How the Stalingrad Siege Compares to Today


199 Days of Hell By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist Just after I signed the publishing agreement for my first book, The Colder War, I realized how much research I was going to end up doing, specifically in areas that I never thought would be so integral to my subject area: energy and mining. […]

Lessons from Russia: Gold Was Up 73% Last Year!


While this article looks at what we can learn from Russia’s troubles over the past year, it does mention that gold was actually up in New Zealand dollars in 2014 also. We’ll have a full review of how gold and silver performed in NZ dollars next week so stay tuned for that. In the meantime this points out just […]

Breakfast with a Lord of War

Here’s an interesting tale of a discussion with a high ranking US military official looking at how the US sees Russia… Breakfast with a Lord of War By David Galland, Partner, Casey Research For reasons that will become apparent as you read the following article, I was quite reluctant to write it. Yet, in the […]

The Looming Uranium Crisis: Strategic Implications for the Colder War

Strategic Implications for the Colder War

The Looming Uranium Crisis: Strategic Implications for the Colder War By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist In the wake of one singular event—the disaster at Fukushima in March 2011, the effects of which are still being felt today across the planet—nuclear power has seemingly fallen into utter disrepute, at least in the popular mind. […]

Marin Katusa: “Russia Back to Superpower Status”

Marin Katusa: “Russia Back to Superpower Status”

Marin Katusa: “Russia Back to Superpower Status” By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist Russian President Vladimir Putin has re-established his country as a global superpower. “Not only that, he’s got the other emerging markets working in concert against U.S. interests, globally,” said Marin Katusa, author of The Colder War, during an interview on the “Steve […]