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Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Last week we discussed the short covering going on in the silver futures market  and the possibility for a short squeeze developing in silver. The latest Commitment of Traders report data has given more support for this development. Adam Hamilton digs into the increased likelihood of a short squeeze developing due to what has transpired in […]

How You Can Make an Absolute Fortune in the Turbulent Years Ahead

This is a profession open to all. No formal education, credentials, or licenses are required in order to make money as a speculator. But you need to have an understanding of cycles. Here’s how to do it… How You Can Make an Absolute Fortune in the Turbulent Years Ahead By Louis James True story: when […]

Why Did COMEX Silver Derivatives Increase 41% in 2016?

In the video below Bix Weir wonders why, with the total mined silver production in 2016 going down by 33 Million ounces (or 3%), did the total amount of COMEX futures and options contracts increase by 41%? Weir outlines what the level of actual global hedging required would be and what the discrepancy is between […]

Silver Market Update: Despite Downturn, Silver Market Looks Positive

Following on from the gold article posted earlier today: Gold Market Update: “Going Off the Rails”, this is a corresponding article on silver’s current technical indicators. The recent pullback may have already been enough to set silver up for further gains…   Silver Market Update: Despite Downturn, Silver Market Looks Positive Originally published September 5th, 2016 in […]

Gold Stocks Are Screaming Buy Right Now

Gold Stocks Are Screaming Buy Right Now

Gold mining shares have been a terrible investment over the past 5 or so years. But is that about to change? Read on for why now might be a very good time to consider adding them to your portfolio… Gold Stocks Are Screaming Buy Right Now By Justin Spittler It’s official: gold is in a […]

The (Silent) Summer Silver Spike

The (Silent) Summer Silver Spike

The end of this silver bear market will be marked by default in the physical silver market. A bold statement that Chris Duane makes in his latest video below. He covers a good deal of ground in this video. We summarise it below for you and also give our perspective at the end: —Why you […]

Crisis Up But Silver Down? – Ed Steer Interview

Crisis Up But Silver Down – Ed Steer Interview

In our feature article this week we discussed the current silver shortages and also featured a video when Mike Maloney mentioned how the price of silver had been falling even while there was significant demand for silver globally. He also explained how this might partly be explained by a rush for cash currently causing people […]

How to Get Struck by Lightning (With Junior Mining Take-Overs)


Noticed the couple of big gold mining takeovers that occurred last year? No? Well there were a couple that slipped by relatively unnoticed. But there is a higher likelihood of quite a few more occurring in 2015. Read on to learn what to do to position yourself accordingly… How to Get Struck by Lightning By Louis […]

Blood in the Streets to Create the Opportunity of the Decade

Blood in the Streets to Create the Opportunity of the Decade

Coincidentally as we started posting this article we received an email stating that: “Gold miners have increased their revenues, cash flow, and operating/net income much faster than the rising price of gold – yet their enterprise values haven’t even kept up with rising gold prices. With the price of gold recently forming a triple bottom and […]

What 10-Baggers (and 100-Baggers) Look Like

Gold has risen quite steadily since the start of the year and mining stocks have actually led the way, most gaining much more than the metal itself. But if history is our guide, this is likely just the start of bigger gains to come. This article shows the eye watering rises that some mining stocks have had in past […]

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