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These Three Major Catalysts Are Poised to Send Gold to the Moon

We read about this event a week ago but haven’t seen it mentioned too much anywhere else. It’s a change that will potentially add a huge number of new gold buyers to the global gold market from 2017 onwards… These Three Major Catalysts Are Poised to Send Gold to the Moon By Justin Spittler Editor’s […]

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

The Coming Revaluation of Gold

Our favourite Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price has been busy of late. This is the third article in as many weeks of his that we have reposted. He outlines how the current meltdown of the world’s debt bubble will continue, but eventually result in the revaluation of gold. He covers how this new system may function […]

Crisis Up But Silver Down? – Ed Steer Interview

Crisis Up But Silver Down – Ed Steer Interview

In our feature article this week we discussed the current silver shortages and also featured a video when Mike Maloney mentioned how the price of silver had been falling even while there was significant demand for silver globally. He also explained how this might partly be explained by a rush for cash currently causing people […]

Silver Shortage – Is it For Real and What About in NZ?

Is There Really a Silver Shortage?

Last week the US Mint announced that they were suspending sales of silver eagles until August. There has also been increased demand for gold and silver globally and reports of silver shortages. The UK Royal Mint reported that Greek customers bought twice as many sovereign gold bullion coins as usual. The buying frenzy began when the Greek government […]

“Paper Gold” and Its Effect on the Gold Price

“Paper Gold” and Its Effect on the Gold Price

This is the article we mentioned in our email last week from Bud Conrad, who while we don’t hear from him very often, when we do we always pay close attention. Bud wrote a very insightful article last year when the price of gold plunged, and this piece is in a similar vein. Looking at […]

23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold

With so much negativity surrounding gold and silver currently it’s useful to hear the other side of the argument. Here’s some very big reasons as to why precious metals will still shine again before too long… 23 Reasons to Be Bullish on Gold By Laurynas Vegys, Research Analyst It’s been one of the worst years for gold […]

When Gold and Silver Go into Hiding and Why the Gold Must Keep Flowing

This is a very informative video. It is a summary of much of the content talked about by the likes of mystery blogger FOFOA. Just some of the content covered includes: How the Elite still use gold as means of payment even though the dollar is supposedly unbacked. How the petrodollar system functions The interplay […]

New Trend Guarantees Higher Gold Prices

You’re no doubt aware that gold mining shares have been hit hard by the much lower price of gold over the past 2 years. And while this lower price has been bad news to the share prices of mining stocks of late, it is starting to have broader impacts to the industry that will be felt […]

Peak Gold


See if we may have seen peak gold in terms of mine production and if so what this could mean for how miners operate in the current difficult gold environment… Peak Gold By Andrey Dashkov, Research Analyst   In the mining business, it is said that grade is king. A high-grade project attracts attention and money. […]

Declining COMEX Gold Inventories – what to make of it?


As we referenced in last weeks article on gold backwardation and negative Gold Forward Offered Rates, there has been plenty of talk around the interwebs of “high demand for physical gold and that this is backed up by falling COMEX inventories”. There have been arguments made that these falling inventories are signalling a soon to […]