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Why A Dollar Collapse Is Inevitable

Why A Dollar Collapse Is Inevitable

It’s a good idea to understand the history of the monetary system over the past 100 years or so. Why? Because what has happened before can give a pretty good indication of what may come to pass in the future. This article explains why another collapse is due for the dollar. It describes the errors […]

Hugo Salinas Price: Prospects for Gold II

In Part 2, Hugo Salinas Price gets into the specific calculation of how high gold will have to rise if indeed China do implement a oil futures contract that is convertible into physical gold…. Check out part 1 here first if you haven’t read that yet: Prospects for Gold if China Issues Oil Futures Backed by […]

Prospects for Gold if China Issues Oil Futures Backed by Gold

Last month we commented on how China looks to be preparing to release a yuan-denominated oil futures contract that is convertible (backed by) physical gold. Our favourite, Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price, has taken a closer look at this plan – well as much as is known about it anyway. As a result he has arrived at […]

Does a Gold Revaluation to US$10,000 With All Major Countries Make Sense?

A reader recently asked about a gold revaluation: Does revaluing gold to $10k usd with all the major countries make sense? The US government wants the usd to remain the world’s reserve currency, but it has a very high government debt to GDP ratio. Historically, nations with a >90% ratio end up collapsing. If all […]

How to Create Your Personal Gold Standard

Many times in the past we’ve discussed the concept of becoming you own central bank or going on your own personal gold standard. Today Jim Rickards discusses this idea in depth. He shows you how to go on your own personal gold standard, even if the world never returns to one. Given the New Zealand Central […]

Australia has 80 Tonnes of Gold, How Much Gold Does New Zealand Have?

Interesting to see a mainstream news organisation in Australia reporting on the state of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s gold reserves. The Wentworth Report’s David Evan summarised and commented on an article published by “The Australia” last week. Check out David’s thoughts, then we’ll have some comments of our own at the end about New Zealand’s […]

If the US Dollar Was Again Linked to Gold, How Would This Affect New Zealand?

Excellent questions from our readers keep on coming. Here’s one this week asking how a new gold standard might affect New Zealand given we don’t have any gold reserves: Jim Rickards is predicting that as early as January 2018 Donald Trump will devalue the usd and peg it to gold at $10,000usd. I think Jan […]

Freegold and the Mechanism of the Gold Reset as a Product of the Market Place

If you have been around the precious metals world for some time you’ve likely come across the writings of the pseudonymous,  Another, then Friend of Another (FOA) and in more recent years Friend of a Friend of Another (FOFOA). All writing about the concept of “freegold”. There is quite a rabbit hole to dive down […]

Trump’s Ignorance

This is a slightly different take on Trump and the end of the current monetary system. Unlike in the article we posted earlier, our favourite billionaire – Hugo Salinas Price – believes Trump will unwittingly bring about the end of the US Dollar’s role as global reserve currency. But nonetheless his conclusions about the result are […]

Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar

See why a Trump presidency has heightened the chances of the end current US petrodollar monetary system. Plus discover what the two most likely options are to replace the US dollar at the centre of the new system are… Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar By Nick Giambruno On August 15, 1971, President Nixon killed the […]