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Why Buy Gold? No Fiat Currency Lasts Forever – Even the NZ Dollar. Devalued 7 Times in 17 Years…

Here’s one of the main answers to the question “Why buy gold and silver?” Simply, because no fiat currency lasts forever. The New Zealand dollar is unlikely to be an exception to this rule. It too has had a surprisingly large number of changes in its short existence. To follow is a complete monetary history […]

What is the Best Type of Gold to Buy For Trading in a Currency Collapse?

Prior to the Corona-panic, most people probably hadn’t given much thought to the potential of a currency collapse in developed world countries, such as New Zealand. But with even the once conservative Reserve Bank of New Zealand this year joining the currency printing/quantitative easing brigade, and potentially the negative interest rate camp in 2021, the […]

What Will the Impacts of the COVID19 Lockdown be on the Global and New Zealand Economy?

What Will the Impacts of the COVID19 Lockdown be on the Global and New Zealand Economy_

We’re at the end of the second week of the national Level 4 lockdown. So it’s worth reflecting on what will the impacts of the COVID19 lockdown be? This article covers: There are many theories as to where the virus started. Debate about how bad it will be and how much worse it could have […]

Why Buy Gold? Here’s 15 Reasons to Buy Gold Now in 2020

“Everything looks pretty good in the world at the moment. Property and share prices have gone up a lot. Why buy gold now?” That’s one of the common responses we get when we mention we are involved in selling gold and silver bullion. Unlike a number of years ago the average guy or girl in […]

12 Reasons Why Gold and Silver Will Rise in 2018

2017 was a pretty good year for gold. Although the sentiment towards it has hardly been worse. In the west it seems there is little demand for physical gold and silver. In our predictions for 2018 we reckon this year could actually be a better year for precious metals than 2017. With the chance that […]

Is it Time to Trade Your Gold in for Bitcoin?

This gives some thoughts as to what you should have first before buying the likes of bitcoin or junior gold and silver mining shares. Plus how gold and commodities have reached extreme undervaluation levels… Is it Time to Trade Your Gold in for Bitcoin? From Justin Brill, Editor, Stansberry Digest: Originally posted at The Crux Is bitcoin […]

28 Reasons to Buy Physical Gold

Previously we’ve written 14 Reasons to Buy Gold. Here’s 28 more reasons we came across recently on Zerohedge… 28 Reasons to Buy Physical Gold By BullionStar.com   Throughout human history, gold has constantly emerged as an unparalleled form of savings, investment and wealth preservation. Due to its unique characteristics and features, gold has inherent value and cannot be debased. […]

The Elite’s Plan for Global Inflation, Part II

This is the follow up to another article posted earlier which you can read here first if you haven’t already: The Elite’s New Case for Gold. It expands upon what the likely plan is from the global elite in trying to overcome the forces of deflation…   Jim Rickards: The Elite’s Master Plan for Global Inflation […]

If You Use This Bank, Your Cash Could Soon Be “Taxed”

Up until now in the countries around the world where their Central Bank has set negative interest rates, it is only the banks who have been charged these by the Central Bank. The banks pay the Central Bank on any “excess reserves” they hold with the Central Bank, with the rationale being this will “encourage” […]

America’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Covert Fund That Controls It All — Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com is interviewed at the SGTReport on the very murky Exchange Stabilisation Fund. NOTE: Please check out this article we posted last week first by Hugo Salinas Price as it is the subject of this interview: One Trillion Dollars’ Worth of Bonds Magically Turn into Cash In answer to the One Trillion […]