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If/When the US Dollar Collapses, What Will Gold be Priced in?

If/When the US Dollar Collapses, What Will Gold be Priced in?

In August we reported that the global share of US-dollar-denominated exchange reserves dropped to 59.0% in the fourth quarter of 2020. This was the 5th straight year of falls and matched the 25-year low of 1995. As a result more people are thinking about a potential collapse of the US dollar. We recently had someone […]

Gold and Silver, Up Down, Sideways and UP

Gold and Silver, Up Down, Sideways and UP

Darryl Schoon shows us that rather than using complex mathematical formulae, the economy can be explained in a much easier fashion. See how inflation, deflation and hyper-deflation can be more easily understood when the economy is compared to a toilet… Gold and Silver, Up Down, Sideways and UP In mid-march, just as the coronavirus was […]

Gold vs Collectibles: Should I Sell My Vintage Car and Buy Gold if Inflation is Coming?


This week an excellent question. Partly about inflation and partly about gold versus a collectible car. Question: “Serious question related to future inflation. Let’s say you have a  collectible car from the 1968 era currently has seen massive inflation over 10 years.  Today would you hold or convert to PM? I’m confused and foggy on […]

Is Inflation Coming? If So, What Kind?

Is Inflation Coming_ If So, What Kind_

Is inflation coming? Central Banks the world over have engaged in massive amounts of currency printing in recent months as a response to government imposed lock downs. Surely this means inflation is inevitable? Here’s a few opinions on inflation that we’ve come across recently. Along with our thoughts on the matter at the end… Firstly […]


Darryl Schoon outlines why he believes the falling velocity of money means it’s likely deflation that we face for a while longer yet…   THE SKY IS FALLING Chicken Little June 2020   The velocity of money is like blood pressure. If it is too high or too low, it can be fatal. Too high […]

Should I Buy Gold Today or Wait? 6 Factors to Consider


Here’s an excellent question from a reader which we received a few years ago. It’s about whether to buy gold today or wait. Even though he asks whether the “powers that be” will let the stock market crash while Obama is in power, it’s still relevant today. Why? Because it shows the things we think might […]

When This All Blows Up…

In the past few weeks we’ve featured 2 previous articles from Chris Martenson. He’s back with the third part of this trilogy. So if you haven’t yet it might pay to check out the other two first:   The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles     The Coming Great Wealth Transfer   Then read on […]

Deflation and Gold: A Contrarian View

Currently there is a battle between inflation and deflation for control of the global economy. The conventional wisdom say gold doesn’t perform well in a deflationary environment. So what is likely to happen to gold if deflation wins out? This short article chronicles three historic periods of deflation and demonstrates gold’s performance during each period. […]

How You Could Have Beat the Market Nearly 7-to-1 Last Year

We’ve recently commented on the quiet rise in inflation rates here in New Zealand: Inflation Rates Edging Higher – Impact? See how this is happening globally and surprising people. Plus what the concern is in the future if the increases continue…. How You Could Have Beat the Market Nearly 7-to-1 Last Year By Justin Spittler […]

Not Even Trump Can Clean Up This Mess

Here in New Zealand the government inflation rate has just ticked up ever so slightly lately. This has been happening in many places across the globe. Can we expect more of it and what might the impact be? Read on to see… Not Even Trump Can Clean Up This Mess By Justin Spittler Higher prices […]