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RBNZ on Central Bank Digital Currency and Negative Interest Rates

RBNZ on Central Bank Digital Currencies and Negative Interest Rates

The RBNZ today released another article on digital currencies, this time looking at the pros and cons of a central bank issuing a digital currency. The article focuses on how a public digital currency might affect four key central bank functions: Currency distribution Payments Monetary stability Financial stability The article makes 6 assumptions in looking […]

Update on the War on Cash: Australia Moving to Cashless Society? + RBNZ on Digital Currency

Update on the War on Cash_ Australia Going Cashless_ + RBNZ on Digital Currency

We’ve written extensively on the war on cash over the past couple of years. (Here’s a full list of the topics we’ve covered: https://goldsurvivalguide.co.nz/tag/war-on-cash/). Now here’s the latest on the moves toward a cashless society down under…   Is Australia Going Cashless? Earlier this month the Australian Government released their 2018 budget. In the budget […]

RBNZ Cryptocurrency to Replace NZ Physical Currency with a Digital Alternative?

In researching another topic we stumbled across a report from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ)  on cryptocurrencies. We missed it back in November. It was titled: Crypto-currencies – An introduction to not-so-funny moneys It’s actually not a bad primer on cryptocurrencies for the uninitiated. The conclusion indicates that perhaps the RBNZ is not […]

Another sign of De-Dollarisation

  This Week: 12 Reasons Why Gold and Silver Will Rise in 2018 The Stealth Rally in Gold Continues Why Does Gold Demand Remain Strong in the East? We’re “in the News”: Downside of Going Cashless Prices and Charts Looking to sell your gold and silver?Visit this page for more information Buying Back 1oz NZ […]

Visa Ups the War on Cash + How Governments Can Kill Cash

Visa Ups the War on Cash Following on from last weeks report on the expanding war on cash down under, the latest news is that credit card processor Visa and other payment networks want to abolish cash and cheques that compete with their credit and debit cards. In the USA, the card companies are offering thousands […]

How to Create More Freedom Now With These Three Steps

Last week we commented on the next possible direction of the expanding war on cash down under. We highlighted a couple of possible steps to follow with a view to protecting yourself from an expected continuation of the war on cash.  Over the weekend, Simon Black of Sovereign Man wrote from a similar perspective but […]

War on Cash Down Under Expands – Nano-Chips to Track A$100 Notes?

We’ve been writing extensively on the war on cash over the past couple of years. Particularly in relation to what is and may be happening in Australia and New Zealand on this front. In case you’ve not kept up there’s a selection of recent articles further down the page below. But the overriding theme has […]

Here’s Proof the NZ Government is Following the IMF’s “War on Cash” Doctrine

New Financial Reporting Rules in New Zealand: Just Following IMF War on Cash Doctrine We have a new theory for you this week as to what the real reason is behind the newly announced financial reporting rules here in New Zealand. A few weeks ago we took a look at the new financial reporting rules […]

The Davos Plan For Your Cash and Bitcoin

We’ve been discussing the War on Cash a lot here recently. Many of the initiatives that are being slowly rolled out across the globe, such as removing higher denomination notes, have been hinted at by global elites over the past couple of years. The central planner/global elitist gathering in Davos, Switzerland has been one such place where […]

Will the Banker War on Cash Spread to Bitcoin?

We’ve published many articles over the past couple of years on the “War on Cash”. And this war has certainly been heating up lately. What else might get targeted by the central planners and monetary elite? John Kim outlines why bankers may be targeting Bitcoin as an area where they wish to assert more control. Be […]