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This Super Bubble Is About to Pop

This Super Bubble Is About to Pop

Many may think that with the failure to elect anti-European Union candidate Marine Le Pen as French president, the EU is safe. However the underlying problems with the EU still remain. Italy looks to be the biggest risk currently. See how the EU inflation rate reaching 2% may be what creates a big problem for […]

Get Ready for a “Credit Implosion”

There is a sea change quietly underway in global financial markets. See what the former head of the biggest bond fund in the world thinks is going on in the bond markets currently. You’ll learn why he believes the US Federal Reserve is stuck between the “rock” of lowering interest rates and the “hard place” […]

Janet And Gold: Does History Rhyme?

We’ve got another helping of Stewart Thomson this week. Apart from his usual comments on the gold, silver and mining index charts, he also has a look at the action in the US Treasury Bond market. He’s not the only one to notice some action there. Is it significant though? See what he reckons… Janet […]

Why are US Bonds being sold?

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: August 22,2013   This Week: More Gains for Gold and Silver Have We Seen “the Bottom”? A Tough Road to Hoe for the Fed RBNZ Implements LVR Restrictions   More Gains for Gold and Silver The sharp upwards trend in precious metals has continued this week. We have seen both […]