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Why Gold Goes Up

Here’s a bit of philosophising on gold from the deep thinking, dry witted and entertaining Bill Bonner… Why Gold Goes Up By Bill Bonner – originally posted at BonnerandPartners.com DUBLIN – Gold dropped sharply [last week]. The yellow metal fell about 1% to as low as $1,236. A “fat finger” was blamed, meaning it was […]

Get Ready for a “Credit Implosion”

There is a sea change quietly underway in global financial markets. See what the former head of the biggest bond fund in the world thinks is going on in the bond markets currently. You’ll learn why he believes the US Federal Reserve is stuck between the “rock” of lowering interest rates and the “hard place” […]

Debt: Still Cheap, and Getting Looser


Doug French, who also features regularly in Laissez Faire Club, takes a look at the comeback of debt. (Actually did it ever really go away?) In this piece he looks at sovereign debt, corporate debt and even the return of subprime mortgage debt. Scarily, across the globe we look to be repeating, to some degree […]

The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic Model


In case you had any doubt as to the effects of “quantitative easing” and the existence of the Fed itself, the following has “quantitative analysis” showing exactly what the impacts have been… The Federal Reserve Relies on a Flawed Economic Model By Lacy H. Hunt, Ph.D., Economist In May 22 testimony to the Joint Economic […]