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The Latest on Gold and Silver Manipulation Exposed

After last week’s flash crash in gold and silver, we pointed out that this wasn’t the first time we have seen what is likely to be manipulation of gold and silver. See: Deja Vu – Precious Metals Smashed Lower… Again Latest Precious Metals Manipulation Charges Manipulation has been proven in a court of law on […]

GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Anarcapulco Presentation: GATA and the Gold and Silver Markets

The team at GATA have fought tirelessly to expose the manipulation in the gold and silver markets for over 17 years. Lately it seems their efforts may finally be gaining some vindication. In this presentation by their Chairman Bill Murphy, you’ll get an overview of what GATA has done over that long period of time. […]

Chris Powell of GATA: Swiss Gold, Dutch Gold, & GOFO Rates


Max Keiser interviews Chris Powell of GATA in the second half of this video. They cover a really diverse range of topics. The video should start automatically at the 15.35 minute mark and covers: – Why the Swiss Gold Initiative failed. – Why the Dutch are able to repatriate their of 122 tons of gold. […]

Chris Powell in Auckland: Gold price suppression – why, how, and how long?


As we’d promoted back in September and October, Chris Powell of the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) was in New Zealand on Sunday 13th October, before then heading to Australia to also speak at the Gold Symposium in Sydney.  For those that consider GATA simply as a conspiracy theory website, it is worth knowing […]

See Chris Powell of GATA Live in Auckland for Free


Following on from the recent “In Gold We Trust” presentation in Auckland by Ronald-Peter Stoeferle in Auckland (summary of that presentation is here in case you missed it), next up is Chris Powell of GATA (The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee). Our Friend Louis Boulanger has organised for Chris Powell to come to New Zealand […]