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Capital Gains Tax on Precious Metals in New Zealand – Is There Any?


Last week we received a question from a reader on what tax is payable upon the sale of gold and silver bullion in New Zealand. They had just been reading an old article of ours: Windfall Tax on Gold | a New Zealand Perspective (which is a separate topic of whether governments might enact a windfall profits […]

Update: Who Pays Tax in NZ?

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: Oct. 31, 2013   This Week: Update: Who Pays Tax in NZ? Tax and inflation More on PAMP and Chinese Gold Imports John Butler in Auckland: “Remonetisation of gold is inevitable” The big factor in the past week has been the falling NZ dollar. Dropping from just over .8500 last […]

Windfall Tax on Gold | a New Zealand Perspective

This week we had an email from a reader (and well informed reader at that) asking about the possibility of governments confiscating citizens gold or even the possibility according to James Rickards that “the government won’t need to confiscate gold, they will deem that the citizen has made an unfair windfall profit and impose a […]