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We act as a Precious Metals Broker.  Effectively linking you – the buyer – with the appropriate supplier depending on what type of precious metals product you are after. e.g. local gold and silver bars,  local coins, overseas (imported) coins, overseas (imported) bars.

Benefits to You When Using GoldSurvivalGuide to Buy Gold or Silver:

1.  Minimise your risk by dealing with top suppliers only – You’ll get the best deals from the major gold and silver suppliers in NZ.  We only deal with companies who have been around for many years and have an unblemished track record, giving you peace of mind.  (Our main suppliers have been in business for over 30 years).

2.  Save you time – Instead of phoning around trying to compare prices, we do it for you.  Or rather we already know where the best prices are for specific products.  Also, as the spot (world) price of gold and silver changes constantly it can be difficult to compare “apples with apples”.  So by the time you’ve phoned the next supplier the underlying price may have already changed.

3.  Save you money – Depending upon the product you want we will link you with the best priced supplier.  Or we can recommend alternative products that may be better value for money.

4.  Cheaper than going direct – The price you pay for gold and/or silver can be cheaper than going direct to the supplier, or at very least the same.  So you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by using our services.  We’re remunerated by a finders fee which the supplier pays to us directly.

5.  Widest range of products – You can access the most extensive range of gold and silver products because we deal with multiple suppliers.  From gold bars to silver coins; being locally made or imported from overseas.  Again, saving you time checking out various suppliers.

6.  Eliminate fear as a first time buyer – You’ll get a helping hand rather than a hard sell.  You’ll be guided through the often confusing world of precious metals, including related areas such as storage options.

7.  No hassle purchasing, no risk delivery – Gold and silver can be delivered to you, fully insured right up to the point you sign for it, whether you live anywhere from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Call 0800 888 465 and speak to David if you have any areas that need demystifying in the often confusing world of precious metals.  Don’t be afraid to ask, regardless of how trivial or irrelevant your question may seem.

Or to learn more about us visit our ABOUT page.

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