A Bipolar week for precious metals

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Aug 6, 2014

This Week:

  • A Bipolar week for precious metals
  • Kiwi Dollar Actually Going Sideways
  • Does Gold Seasonality Affect the NZ Dollar Gold Price?


A bipolar week for precious metals with gold up and silver down quite sharply.


Gold in NZ dollars is up NZ$14.11 or 0.92% to NZ$1543.11. While in US dollars gold is up US$9.50 or 0.73% to US$1306.24

Conversely silver in NZ dollars is down 63 cents or 2.59% to NZ$23.69 and silver in US dollars is down 57 cents or 2.76% to US$20.06.

Looking at the gold chart there have been a few significant occurrences this past week. 

Firstly we’ve seen the price close clearly above the 200 day moving average for the first time since March.

NZ dollar gold has also poked its head above the $1550 level that it has been trapped beneath since March.

NZD Gold Chart


Also on a longer term chart we have possibly seen a change in trend take place this past week. NZD gold has been trading within the confines of a downward trend line for the past 2 years. (See the blue line in the chart below). But today it looks to have broken out above this downtrend line – albeit with little fanfare.

NZD Gold Breakout 2 year


The fact that this has gone largely unnoticed and that buyers still remain thin on the ground is a positive factor we’d say.

The silver chart is not as buoyant as gold however. Dropping back below NZ$24. However this was perhaps necessary given the large $1 single day jump back in June possibly needed some “backing and filling”.

NZD Silver Chart


The breakout above the 3 year downtrend line we noted back in June for US dollar silver is still in play however – clearly seen in the chart below.

USD Silver 3 year breakout


Kiwi Dollar Actually Going Sideways

With another massive fall in the Global Dairy Index following auctions yesterday (down 8.4%) the NZ dollar has taken another fall this week. Albeit it has bounced back today. We’ve seen more analysts lower their Whole Milk Powder price projections for next year again as a result too.

So we might be seeing a change in sentiment and therefore trend in the kiwi dollar too. Although the interest rate differential is likely to offer some ongoing support – while it lasts anyway.

But for all the talk of a record high kiwi dollar, it’s actually been in a sideways trading range for the past almost 4 years as you can see clearly below. Given we remain near the top of this range you’d have to say there is more risk to the downside than the upside still.

NZ Dollar Chart


As mentioned already there have been a few marks quietly broken through for gold this week. But what does the rest of the year have in store now?

Gold SeasonalityWe look at this in our feature article for the week:

Does Gold Seasonality Affect the NZ Dollar Gold Price?

Given we are coming out of what is often the northern hemisphere summer “lull” we thought we’d have a look and see if the pattern of a rising gold price in the later part of the year was also true in NZ dollar gold. So check that out now.

We’ll give you a hint in advance: Once you’ve read it you might get an inkling that now is a decent time to be buying.

If so you know where to find us. And trust us when we say you’ll be one of the very few currently buying – not a bad thing to be usually.



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