Doug Casey Answers The Hard Questions About Hard Times

Best Doug Casey interview ever? You decide.

David Galland of Casey Research had this to say recently about this video interview with Doug Casey which was conducted on September 9, 2011 by Tommy Humphreys as part of his new Speculator Series.:

As you might imagine, given the prescience of his warnings ahead of the current crisis, my dear friend and partner Doug Casey is in quite a bit of demand as the subject of interviews these days. Being a generally agreeable fellow who likes to give up-and-comers a hand, Doug grants interviews to just about anyone – pretty much without regard to the size of their audience.For the most part, these interviews follow a somewhat predicable script, with Doug explaining the rationale for continued crisis and, to keep things interesting, tossing out a smattering of statements that most people would consider outrageous. The interviewer nods, then moves on to the next predictable question.

However, during a recent trip to Vancouver, Doug sat for an interview with a young man named Tommy Humphreys who has hardly any audience at all, but who came well recommended and showed up with a first-class film crew. I started to watch the resulting interview without much real enthusiasm (having watched Doug do these things dozens of times), but quickly found myself paying attention. That’s because instead of following the usual script, Humphreys started challenging Doug to defend some of his more controversial statements.

To make a long story short, soon after we received the link to the video, Doug wrote me that he thought this was the best interview he had sat for since the one he did with Phil Donahue years ago, and I had to agree.

In any event, with that warm-up, we arranged to make the video available to our readers so you can decide for yourself if this is Doug’s best interview ever, or at least in decades. Regardless, I am sure you’ll find it well worth a watch.

Anyway, this is a must-watch interview of Doug Casey.

Humphreys does a great job of pushing Doug to defend his brand of no-holds-barred capitalism and the impact it would have on real people with real problems in today’s tough economy.  Doug’s answers might surprise you; they will certainly educate you.

On viewing the video, Doug commented that he thought it was the best interview he’s done in a couple of decades, and we agree.

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