Risk – It’s Not Just a Board Game

Last night we just finished reading a very interesting piece by Grant Williams in his ‘Things that make you go Hmm” newsletter available for free subscription. He gives a great run down of the likely pitfalls of the Bank Of Japan’s massive money printing they announced last week.

This prompted us to take a look at a video of the presentation he made at the Mines & Money conference in Hong Kong last month that we’d read some good reports about lately. So if you’re new to the precious metals game then this is a must watch and even if you’re not you may well learn something, particularly about “gold leasing”.

Here is just some of what Grant Williams covers in the presentation:

  • How none of the problems of 2008 have been solved but yet the “numbers’ seem to currently indicate everything is fine.
  • Central bank gold reserves
  • Central Banks leasing gold
  • Fractional Reserve Banking explanation and its – “tiny little flaw”
  • “Fractional Reserve Gold” and
  • What’s in it for Bullion Banks? And
  • What’s in it for Central Banks?
  • The importance of Venezuela’s repatriation of it’s gold reserves and the “gold bank run” this has since caused.
  • How the worst is not over and what may be to come.
  • Just how important Cyprus may in fact be.
  • Why you should choose carefully which forecasta you pay attention to.
  • Why you should own some physical gold.

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