See John Butler of Amphora Capital Live In Auckland or Wellington


We now have details of the third well known gold personality to be brought to New Zealand by our friend Louis Boulanger:

John Butler, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Amphora Capital based in London.

Gold Revolution

John Butler will be speaking at two luncheons that are being sponsored by CFA Society of New Zealand. The first of these events will be held in Auckland on Monday the 21st of October and the second, in Wellington on Tuesday the 22nd of October.

John’s research has been cited by the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.  He writes The Amphora Report.  He is also the author of The Golden Revolution and a regular contributor to various financial publications.

These are paid educational events organised by the CFA Society but admission price includes lunch.

Click the relevant image or link below to download a pdf with the full details:

Auckland on Monday the 21st of October

John Butler in Auckland



Wellington on Tuesday the 22nd of October

John Butler in Wellington


You can also download the latest Amphora Report for free at the link below for a sample of Mr Butler.


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