The Brexit Conspiracy?

The Brexit Conspiracy

Chris Duane in a discussion with Ken O’Keefe looks at whether the Brexit vote is simply Britain regaining it’s independence or something more sinister.

They cover:

Why there is no collectivist solution to collectivist problems.

Who is actually behind this movement?

A little background on the “independent” Nigel Farage – a banker himself railing against the bankers. Why this may be suspicious.

One theory is how the City of London realises the EU is a sinking ship and that this was a chance to “escape” disguised as the British getting their independence back.

(If you’re unaware of the difference between the  “The City of London” – as opposed to London the city, then check out the short video below for some history including how corporations get to vote – hhhmmm isn’t that interesting. While it pokes fun at “conspiracy nuts”, it seems pretty obvious to us that much of the world gets controlled from within “The City”.  Anyway there is a deep rabbit hole you can go down exploring “The City”.)

Now back to the main video below:

They discuss how the various manufactured wars in the Middle East sent hordes of legitimate refugees as well as actual terrorists all over Europe. Likely this was the plan all along.

O’Keefe believes that while there may be benefits of protecting the City of London initially they have made a serious mistake by allowing the vote to go through. As the idea of giving more power to your local community is only going to get stronger as a result of this.

Duane wonders whether it is a piecemeal attempt to protect the City of London from a larger global collapse? Or a systemic reaction to a system that is not going to last?

Either way he contends that if you like the idea of Brexit you can be your own Central Bank, be your own ambassador to the world, be your own boss. “Everything you wish and hope for outside can be found inside”.

We like this sentiment and his final quote: “Be the Example you wish to see out there”.

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