The JP Morgan Derivatives Book is Blowing Up | Bix Weir

Below is an interesting interview with Bix Weir who we’ve been keeping an eye on recently as he has some really interesting theories on the silver and gold markets.  Warning though that some of his thoughts may seem extreme.  In this interview he covers:

  • How if you hold wealth outside the system as in physical silver and gold, no one can take it from you.
  • How the world is melting down.  Bank runs currently in Greece.  26 downgrades in Italian Bank stocks
  • Spain and Portugal are also heading down the toilet
  • How JP Morgan’s $70 trillion in derivatives is blowing up
  • JP Morgan and its massive short position in paper silver
  • Silver is in ‘backwardation’ – that is that the physical silver price is higher than the futures price
  • There is no transparency in banks, especially from Jamie Dimon at JP Morgan
  • Chinese are massive silver buyers at the US$25-US$26 levels (we’ve just seen silver bounce from this level in recent days)
  • How no one should be selling their physical silver
  • That you should stay out of the ‘paper system’ and hold your physical silver


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