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Casey Research | When Will Inflation Really Hit Us

With plenty of debate around about whether it is inflation or deflation we should worry about, the folks at Casey ...
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Carry Trades the New Zealand Dollar and Gold

Weekly Wanderings 21 October 2009 This week the US dollar carry trade, gold and scary charts!… Each week over at ...
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Russia also ready to abandon the dollar

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin annouced this week they are ready to consider using the Chinese and Russian national currencies ...
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When Money Becomes Worthless | Hyperinflation Ensues

In this article from Martin Hutchinson, he makes a very good argument for what the potential outcome of a continued flood ...
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Demise of the Dollar story inflation/deflation the US and Treasury Bonds

Weekly Wanderings 12 October 2009As usual in these weekly musings we present you with interesting items we’ve come across during ...
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Steve Keen | The Reserve Bank of Australia gets it wrong again

Is there an Australian in the house?  Today, yes there is.  For any of our Australian brethren reading we feature ...
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The demise of the US dollar by 2018

With the US Dollar dropping significantly again yesterday, (and gold gaining significantly) the blame is being placed on an article from ...
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Chinese being encouraged to buy gold and silver

16 August 2009:  Up until this year it's been illegal for the average chinese citizen to buy and hold gold ...
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The Role of Derivatives in the Financial Crisis

Weekly Wanderings 6 October 2009 As usual in these weekly musings we present you with interesting items we’ve come across ...
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Are the Gold and Silver ETFs backed by precious metals

The latest concerns about the Gold and Silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) comes from John Embry of Sprott Asset Management.  ...
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GATA China and Gold Price Suppression

Weekly Wanderings 29 September 2009 As usual in these weekly wanderings we present you with topical and interesting items we’ve ...
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Professor Fekete | Why Barrick Gold has ended Gold hedging

Following on from our earlier article “Why are gold mining producers reducing their gold hedge books?” is the recent ‎announcement ...
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