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Attention Homeowners and Property Investors

Eggs in a basket - Diversify out of property

Looking to Diversify and Put Some Eggs into Another Basket?

Book your free Bullion Consultation and get your questions about buying gold and silver answered…

So you’re interested in diversifying into another solid tangible asset?

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Perhaps to spread your risk?

Or to secure a legacy for your heirs?

Maybe to protect against inflation?

Or because you have too much cash in the bank?

But you no doubt have a number of questions about how to buy physical gold and silver bullion (bars or coins). Questions like:

Why to buy gold and silver?

What type of gold and silver should I buy?

Who should I buy from?

When is the best time to buy?

How does the buying process work?

There is a large amount of information on this website about gold and silver. But we’ve found from experience that as a new buyer, you can save a lot of time and frustration simply by having a short discussion. This can help you identify if gold and silver are suitable for you. Then if they are, what your next steps should be. This is a low key, no pressure, no sales pitch discussion only.

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(If you live in the Auckland region we can also meet you face to face if you prefer)

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I initially subscribed to GSG’s ecourse which I found extremely useful and a great starting point for an inexperienced first time precious metal investor. Since then, I have been given further useful video clips and articles from David and also Like them on Facebook, which is another really handy source of valuable, up to date material. GSG have been extremely fast to respond, deliver on their promises and I am now a loyal customer. They make it really easy and I would highly recommend them to new and experienced investors alike.From a Google Review
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About Gold Survival Guide

Gold Survival Guide is an online New Zealand based precious metals bullion dealer. Owners Glenn Thomas and David Deutsch started the business in 2009 and have 26 years of research and investment in the precious metals sector. Having in depth knowledge of the local bullion market they saw a gap in the New Zealand market to assist buyers by informing them of the many options available for purchasing physical precious metals. They began selling bullion in June 2010 and grew rapidly over the next 12 months. They also provide in depth market commentary from a New Zealand perspective each week. Go here to learn more About Gold Survival Guide