Sell Gold & Silver Bullion, Bars or Coins


Selling Gold or Silver 

If you have gold or silver bullion in the form of bars or coins, regardless of whether you purchased it via us originally or not, we can give you a quote to buy back any gold or silver you would like to sell.

An advantage of using Gold Survival Guide when selling your gold or silver, is that all the suppliers we deal with will buy back the gold and silver they sell. It will generally be for less than the spot price of silver or gold. The rate varies depending on how badly they need the supply and the type of product and volume. For example, for gold the buy back price might be between say 1.5% and 4% below spot. For silver, between 3.5% and 8.5% below spot.

Selling Gold and Silver – The Process

  1. Email, phone us or fill in the contact form below to request a quote for a buy back price. Advise, quantity of gold or silver, type – such as specific coins or bars. Plus the Mint or refinery who produced the bullion.
  2. Once you have an indicative quote from us, we’ll advise the refiners address for you to take the bullion to depending upon who will give you the best price.
  3. Ideally take the receipt/sales invoice from when you bought if at all possible, along with the gold/silver, plus some ID [not for any big brother government tracking reasons (well not yet at least!), but due to 2nd hand dealer regulations, they are required to confirm the identity of whoever they buy back from].
  4. Once your ID has been checked your funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion If You Live Outside Auckland

Alternatively you can also have it shipped back to the refiner if you live out of the Auckland area. Ensure that if sending by post:

  1. You should consider organising insurance in transit.
  2. Provide photocopy of ID in form of passport or drivers licence, etc.
  3. Provide the bank account number you want the proceeds to be paid into.
  4. Provide contact a phone number.
  5. Provide Address details, as mentioned above due to 2nd hand dealer regulations.

Beware Selling Gold and Silver to Pawn Shops and Gold Kiosks

Beware of selling gold and silver to a pawnshop or one of the new kiosks popping up. As you’ll likely get way under spot price doing this. Maybe as low as only 50% of the spot price. Proceed with caution if doing that and be sure you know the current spot prices when you get a quote.

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