The $5 TRILLION Paper Silver Scam

We just checked out this Chris Duane video which coincidentally covers the same topic as an article (and even summarises some key points of that article) we posted yesterday.

So we thought if worthwhile to summarise and share the content of the video with you too.

Chris covers:

  • Why this continues to be a fantastic time to be buying silver.
  • The amount of energy that is being used to short and suppress investment in silver.
  • How a 2014 Bloomberg article discussed a $5 Trillion dollar silver market.
  • Yet only around $16-20 billion is the amount of physical silver mined every year.
  • The significance of Trillions and looking at it from a time perspective.
  • This Steve St. Angelo article that summarises the global silver investment totals around 250 million ozs.
  • How St Angelo estimates only $4.4 Billion of the $16 Billion mined every year goes into coins and bars.
  • How if silver wasn’t such a nemesis of the banking system then this paper suppression wouldn’t happen.
  • How silver was demonetised in the Crime of 1873. (See Silver history and the crime of 1873
    for more on this interesting and little known topic) when there had been a bimetallic gold and silver standard. Thus forcing working people to only use gold.
  • How the same British bankers demonetised silver in India.
  • How the British couldn’t trade with the Chinese as the British didn’t have silver which is what the Chinese would accept. So the British ended up importing opium into China instead.
  • How the Steve St Angelo chart shows that 159 billion ounces of paper silver are traded on top of the only 886 million ozs of mined silver.
  • But when the notional trading of global silver exchanges are included this number goes up to $2.275 trillion of paper silver is being traded.
  • How this is crazy but actually less than the $5 trillion Bloomberg came up with.
  • So the ratio is 517 to 1 of paper ozs traded compared to physical!
  • How at some point all this imbalance will end and it will be the single largest transfer of wealth in history.
  • But there is only 1/10 oz of silver for every man woman and child on earth today.
  • Why he recommends dollar cost averaging every week or month is the best way to go when it comes to buying silver.
  • Why he doesn’t recommend you go all in on silver and bet the house on silver like he did.

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Via TruthNeverTold

Here’s the link to repost of the Bloomberg article Chris discusses.

Link to the Steve St Angelo Article we posted earlier today.

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