Are We Just Seeing A Pause In Longer Trends?


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Change from last weeks gold and silver prices

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Gold Continues Its Bounce Back

Gold in New Zealand Dollars has continued its move higher after bottoming out at $2700. Up $28 or around 1% from 7 days ago. We are due a pullback, however NZD gold could yet run to $2950 before this happens. However we do think this is most likely the start of the next up wave in gold. More on that in this week’s feature article. So any pullback will likely be a good buying opportunity. NZ Dollar Gold Chart

NZD Silver Up 2% After a Brief Pullback

Silver in NZ dollars is up 62 cents from last week. It did undergo a brief pullback but has now made a higher high. So it could run a bit higher still. But then we’d expect a decent pullback, maybe around 50% of the run up since bottoming below $30? Like gold we’d consider any pullback to be a buying opportunity. Because we think the bottom is in for silver too. NZ Dollar Silver Chart

NZ Dollar up 1%

The NZ dollar was up 62 basis points or exactly 1% from a week ago. It’s likely the bottom is in for the NZD as well. Maybe just a slow but steady rise from here versus the USD? But we’d expect a higher rise in gold and silver prices, just like we’ve seen this week. NZ Dollar Chart

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Check out this post if any of the terms we use when discussing the gold, silver and NZ Dollar charts are unknown to you:

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Gold in New Zealand?

This is the question on not just first time buyers’ minds, but also for people adding to their stash. So in this week’s feature article we look at a number of indicators that help with answering this question. That includes:
  • What the recent correction means
  • Looking at longer term trends
  • Other Indicators including property and stock Markets
  • Seasonality
  • Futures Market Commitment of Traders Positions
  • Elliot Wave analysis

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Gold in New Zealand?

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Are We Just Seeing A Pause In Longer Trends?

Share markets including ours here in NZ, have bounced nicely over the past couple of months. Wholesale and some mortgage Interest rates have also come down. Market expectations are now for rates to be cut next year. The latest RBNZ inflation expectation survey has also dipped a touch. With inflation expectations falling for the first time in two years.
“The closely followed quarterly survey of expectations of top business leaders and analysts has average one-year inflation expectations easing marginally to 4.86 percent from 4.88 percent in the previous quarter, the highest since late 1990.” Read more
So not a big move but still a change. We’ve also been reading a lot about how a recession in the US economy doesn’t look likely. However as the Market Ear notes below, the spread between the US 2 year and 10 year treasury bonds is saying otherwise…

No recession they say…

…but the 2/10 year spread seems to think otherwise. New low and the gap vs SPX getting very wide. US 2 to  10 year chart Refinitiv
For more on the yield curve and the spread in bonds see: The Yield Curve Recession Predictor 2022: Impact on Gold? So all these moves would point to things improving. Well at least as long as they continue to carry on. However we wonder if they are all just short term aberrations in longer term trends? What if we are in the early stages of a cyclical bear market for stocks? And the rise of the past couple of months is simply a pause in this down trend? Likewise, what if the tick down in interest rates is also just a pause in a longer term uptrend in rates? What if the reduction in inflation expectations is simply a result of so much press about how inflation is only short term and will be back to the normal 2-3% in a couple of years? But what if we are already in a multi year, or even decade long, period of high inflation? If we are in fact at the start of longer term trends then we would be looking at something similar to the 1970’s stagflation. Basically a recession with high inflation. But unfortunately with the difference that most people’s debt levels are much higher than they were in the 70’s. We’d guess that most people are horribly unprepared for an environment like this. An environment where gold and silver shine. So make sure you are not like most people. Get in touch for a quote today:
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