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Ted Butler | Potential for closure of paper silver futures market

Weekly Wanderings 16 December 2009 In this weeks musings we feature…‎ • Society of Fat Cats speaks out • The Automatic Earth, on the speed of the financial collapse • Ted Butler, on the possible default of the paper Silver market • Bob Chapman, with important inside info on possible US dollar devaluation From The Reformed Broker by Joshua […]

Shadowstats John Williams | Hyperinflation will break in the next 5 years

Weekly Wanderings 10 December 2009 In this weeks musings…   ·         Meredith Whitney speaks ·         Hyperinflation, according to John Williams   Meredith Whitney was the banking analyst who predicted the looming disaster in the banking system a couple of years ago.   Now (care of CNBC in the US) she’s sounding a warning again….. Government ‘Out of Bullets’; […]

Where America went wrong and how to prepare for the consequences

Weekly Wanderings 24 November 2009 This week in WW, we are doing something different – concentrating on just one article. ‎ From Jim Quinn at comes the following wonderful article – this piece ‎sums up our current situation better than I can do, so we publish it here in its entirety. ‎ ‎ “Any people […]

Sovereign Debt Defaults Peak Gold and Fake Gold

This week, we look at… possible defaults of the 3 major foreign debtors, Peak Gold, Fake Gold and what one might invest in after gold tops out – not yet, we hasten to add!   SMART INVESTOR!!! Martin Hutchinson is an experienced international banker. In the article below, he considers the possible effects of holding large […]

Expert Gold Miners opinion on the Dow Gold Ratio

Weekly Wanderings 10 November 2009 As usual in these weekly musings we present you with interesting items we’ve come across during the week… ·        India buys gold The big news this week was the purchase of 200 tons of gold by the Central Bank of India…John Maynard Keynes must be turning in his grave at […]

Paul Tudor Jones goes for gold

Weekly Wanderings 3 November 2009 This weeks musings feature… • King World News interview with Rick Rule summarized.‎ • Paul Tudor Jones goes for gold.‎ • Nouriel Roubini and the carry trade bubble ‎(a)  Rick Rule‎ This week among the wealth of material at King World News (, Eric has ‎an interview with Rick Rule, who is the […]

Carry Trades the New Zealand Dollar and Gold

Weekly Wanderings 21 October 2009 This week the US dollar carry trade, gold and scary charts!… Each week over at, Max and Stacy present a radio show entitled “The Truth about Markets”. There are at least two variants of the show, with one slanted towards Christchurch (New Zealand) listeners. In this WW, I summarize […]

Demise of the Dollar story inflation/deflation the US and Treasury Bonds

Weekly Wanderings 12 October 2009 As usual in these weekly musings we present you with interesting items we’ve come across during the week… Casey Research is one of the most respected research groups studying the precious metals investment arena and more generally, resource stock opportunities in all commodities. The group publishes a number of investment […]