A 200+ Year Timeline of America’s Monetary System


A.K.A. A Timeline of America’s Decline

Here’s an informative video if you’d like a fast run down on the history of money in the United States over the past 2 and a bit centuries since the writing of the US constitution. And why the monetary system will eventually lead to the USA’s downfall.

It covers the many changes that have occurred to the US monetary system over this time including:

  • How belief and brute force are the only things that give the US dollar any value
  • The original definitions of money and how any money was to be made solely of gold and silver
  • Why the death penalty was in place for monetary debasement
  • What the constitutional requirements of money were and in fact still are
  • Why Abraham Lincoln should have been subject to the death penalty
  • How JP Morgan instigated the bank runs of the early 1900’s
  • And how these bank runs and the 1907 stock market crash led to the US people accepting the birth of the Federal Reserve
  • How FDR demonetised gold in1932 and then confiscated gold in 1933 and immediately raised the price of gold 60% to $35 an ounce.
  • How the Breton Woods rules of 1944 made the US dollar the world reserve currency.
  • How France forced Nixon to “suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold” in 1971
  • How in 1973 the Petrodollar agreement was made with Saudi Arabia and extended to all of OPEC in 1975
  • How this forced every nation on earth to maintain a supply of dollars
  • How the petrodollar system gives the US its very own “money tree”.
  • How the US depends on petrodollar system to fund its military empire
  • Why the US “takes out” anyone or any nation who challenges this petrodollar standard e.g. Iraq and Libya
  • How a global conflict may result because of the petrodollar system

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