A different take on Warren Buffet and his massive silver purchase

It’s fair to say we lost our respect for Warren Buffet when he did his deal effectively bailing out Goldman Sachs in 2008.  It was pretty obvious then that the “Oracle of Omaha” had become an insider and stepped over to the “dark side”.  His many disparaging and not very logical thoughts on gold are further evidence that he supports the status quo and current fiat money paradigm.

Read more on Buffett and why his views on gold are wrong: Why Buffett is (Still) Wrong About Gold – But How He Loves Silver.

This week we’ve come across a video with a very different take on Warren Buffet and his massive purchase of silver in 1996.  It features a theory as to why it was that he sold the hoard so early in the precious metals bull market in 2006.  It also theorizes that he may have crossed to the dark side even sooner than we thought.  This video is sure to be controversial we reckon…

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One thought on “A different take on Warren Buffet and his massive silver purchase

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