Focusing Your Energy Properly to Survive this Monetary Crisis

At this time of the year it’s easy to be swallowed up by the consumerism that goes hand in hand with the festive season in the western world.  In this article John Kim – who we have featured a number of times before – makes the point that the powers that be aim to distract us from what is really going on…

Bankers have studied human psychology a great deal and use psychological tactics either to deflect attention away from their criminal behavior, and also to prevent the public from understanding what they are doing and how it will impact the public’s financial well-being in the immediate future. Sadly, enough, people all over the world today expend far more energy in securing great holiday gift deals than they do in simply understanding how bankers are preparing to bankrupt them in the near future. Thus, the majority of people shockingly have taken ZERO steps to ensure that they will not suffer a ruinous financial pathway in the next five years simply because their attention has been deflected away from where it needs to be and into silly trivial matters such as American Idol, the Jersey Shore and Black Friday holiday deals.

If you have not been proactive in taking steps to move out of fiat currency, whether the US dollar, the euro, the yen or the pound sterling, and into REAL MONEY such as silver and gold, I truly believe that you will find yourself in desperate financial straits in a few years. I urge all of you to take the few hours that you normally would devote to finding the “perfect holiday deal” and instead spend it this year on researching how the global monetary system operates and how the shift that is happening right now will undoubtedly deeply impact your financial well-being. Finding the perfect holiday gift will not drastically alter your quality of life for the next five to ten years, but understanding the plans bankers have in store for you in their currency wars will.

Do you know why Russia and China have decided to stop using the US dollar for all bilateral trade? If you do not, then understanding why Russia and China made this decision will affect your financial future a thousand times more than waiting outside Toys R Us or Walmart for three hours to buy that laptop computer for an 80% discount. Do you know what Unified Quest 2011 is? And if you don’t, would you be shocked to learn that Unified Quest 2011 is the name given to massive wargames engaged in by the US military in preparation of, in their own words, a “large scale economic breakdown” and “civil unrest” inside the United States? Why is the military preparing for civil disorder, riots and unrest at a time when our global political leaders are preaching economic recovery to us?

At SmartKnowledgeU, we started advocating physical gold to our members and friends when gold was trading LESS than $580 an ounce and physical silver when it was trading for LESS than about $9 an ounce. So these developments are not something that has happened recently. Google “best ways to invest in gold” and “best ways to invest in silver” and SmartKnowledgeU will always appear either on the first or second page of results out of 23,000,000 and 12,600,000 results respectively. We appear near the top of these gold and silver Google searches because we have understood the importance of real money such as gold and silver and have discussed these topics since 2006, well before most every single person or institution in the world, except for perhaps a list of people that you can literally count on one hand. Our longevity in recognizing these currency wars well before almost everyone else and our public discussion of these currency wars and problems for more than four and half years on our blog grants us very high search results on Google for gold and sivler.

The global elite understand that they cannot force changes that drastically reduce everyone’s quality of life overnight so they have been planning this economic crisis for decades now. Their need to execute their plans slowly over time as to not trigger revolt is precisely why our members were aware of what they needed to do to protect their family’s financial futures years before anyone else and years before the mainstream media ever discussed gold and silver. I’m sure you have heard people say that if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will immediately jump out. However, if you put a frog into a pot of cold water, and gradually heat the water until it boils, the frog will simply boil to death. Bankers know this too. Bankers are deliberately and slowly boiling people to death and this is precisely the reason why the general public has remained in the pot instead of jumping out. If most of your money remains in fiat money like the Euro, the US dollar, the Yen, the Pound Sterling, etc., you are among those that have remained with the frog in the pot.

If you do not own a single ounce of PHYSICAL gold and silver, you should ask yourself why you value fiat currency that bankers can create of thin air more than monetary forms that have held their value for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. From time to time, prospective clients have asked me why the prices of my services rise every year. I tell them that I haven’t raised prices in years. These prospects ask these questions because they don’t understand how the global monetary system operates. Since my services are priced at a CONSTANT gold amount, the prices of my services have only risen in terms of rapidly devaluing paper currencies. Even with the increase in the FIAT currency prices of our services, read about the unsolicited praise from our clients below regarding our services.

For example, if you price my Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter at its same 0.5 troy ounces of gold on its launch date on June 15, 2007, an annual subscription would have cost a mere USD $325. Today, my newsletter still costs 0.5 troy ounces of  gold, but today, 0.5 troy ounces of gold will cost you USD $685.

Since DAY ONE of launching all of my services, as far back as 2006, I have strongly advocated the purchases of gold and silver in ALL of my memberships. Thus for my existing members that own gold and silver, the prices of my services remain constant for ALL members from year to year. It is only for those that believe fiat paper money is REAL money, that the prices of my services have risen every year. For those that understand that bankers consciously and deliberately make decisions to drastically devaluing fiat currency, and that only gold and silver should be considered as real money, the prices of many of my services have REMAINED CONSTANT for years.  If the prices of goods and services increase drastically for you every year instead of remaining constant or even becoming cheaper, you must ask yourself if you are holding the “right kind” of money.

To help you understand the psychology that bankers use against you to prevent you from focusing on the knowledge that will deeply impact your quality of life over the next five to ten years, I have provided links to two videos below. I urge you to watch both of them. The first is a video I released a couple of months ago called “Gladiator Culture Keeps Our Eyes Away From the Truth” and the second video is called “The Madness of a Lost Society”.

(1) Gladiator Culture Keeps Our Eyes Away From the Truth

(2) The Madness of a Lost Society

Enjoy the videos and have a great weekend!

JS Kim

Managing Director

SmartKnowledgeU Pte. Limited


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