Bill Murphy: $100 Silver Soon

Here’s a fairly short and to the point interview of Bill Murphy of Le Metropole Cafe and

Some of what is covered includes:

    • How Bill is expecting a JP Morgan silver manipulation scandal to break soon.


    • How $50 silver will fall soon and $100 will not be far behind, then silver will have to rest for a while.


    • How the bullion banks are running low of physical bullion to sell into the markets, so believes we are going into the next stage of retreat by the bullion banks.  BUT not the eminent end of the manipulation off gold and silver.


    • That Bill thinks mining shares will out perform physical gold and silver in the long run.


    • Who knows about the broad stock market though could keep going up yet on the back of all the printing.


    • No reason the dollar should lose its reserve currency status.


    • The only way out in terms of the US deficit is to print money which will hurt the average person in the long run with a standard of living in the US to fall 35%.

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One thought on “Bill Murphy: $100 Silver Soon

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