Buying opportunity for silver in NZD

So far things seem to be going much as expected as we approach the end of June and the end of money printing V2.0.  There is a great deal of uncertainty with many markets approaching key areas of support.  Major stock markets have been trending down but are holding around recent lows, with the dow bouncing back up this morning.

Gold whether in USD or NZD has been trading sideways in a range for the past couple of months.

While silver in USD terms has been trading a narrow range since the big fall to $34.  In NZD dollar terms the silver price is similar as can be seen below.  Although it has been trending slowly downwards reaching a new low yesterday at $42 since the $60 peak.  It is very close to the 200 day average which as we’ve mentioned many times is often an area where the price finds a low and moves higher.  Time will tell.

Even though gold dipped under $1500 yesterday the HUI (US Gold Bugs Stock Index) has actually held up pretty well which could be a sign that gold should too.

These next couple of months promise to be very interesting.

We’ve got 3 articles this week and we warn that 2 of them are pretty lengthy but we’ve put them up as they are very informative.

In particular check out “The Greatest Danger America Has Ever Faced“.  This has some very interesting facts concerning an Italian Bank and the key role it played in the Great Depression and some startling similarities playing out currently.

One of our suppliers has some new PAMP minted Lady Fortuna Bars due to arrive later this week. They offer some more sizes compared to the usual 10z and 1 kilo for silver:

  • 1oz PAMP Silver
  • 10oz PAMP Silver
  • 100gram PAMP Silver
  • 500gram PAMP Silver

The minimum order size will be 20 x 1oz, 2 x 10 oz and 5 x 100gm.

So if you’d like a quote for any of those phone or email later in the week.

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