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Here is where we also feature writing from others around the world. We don’t always agree with everything they have to say but we pick interesting commentary from the likes of James Rickards, Darryl Schoon, Stewart Thomson and many others.

Often giving our 2 cents worth on what they have to say too.

Latest Articles

What is a Company Gold Worth

Interested in buying shares in gold mining companies but don’t know what they’re worth and how much to pay for them?  This article from Casey Research will give you an introduction to how to value a gold miner or explorer’s gold resources… Louis James & Andrey Dashkov, Casey’s International Speculator At any given time, there’s […]

Jim Rickards | A tidal wave of demand for gold

This article is a summary of comments by Jim Rickards, who was interviewed recently by Eric King, over at King World News. Mr Rickards is a writer, lawyer and economist with a long and very distinguished record in the global capital markets.  He is Senior Managing Director at Omnis, Inc., a consulting firm in McLean, VA […]

Get Your Gold the Hell Outta Here

By Doug Hornig, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report That’s the directive that came down from HSBC USA in late November.‎ It seems that everyone these days wants gold. Real, physical gold coins that they ‎can hold in their hands, or bars that they’re assured are resting safely in a well-‎guarded vault. HSBC’s New York vault, […]

Prof Fekete: Why the Chinese Government is urging its people to buy gold and silver

As we mentioned in this previous article (China and the introduction of paper money), in November we attended a conference in Canberra Australia hosted by the Gold Standard Institute.  The main speaker was Professor Antal Fekete.  Professor Fekete is an author, mathematician, monetary scientist and educator.  Below we paraphrase the Professors lecture on the final […]

China and the introduction of paper money


We were recently in Australia attending a conference hosted by the Gold ‎Standard Institute– a body which aims to educate on the need for “sound ‎money”.  Or rather an unadulterated gold standard.  Captain amongst the ‎speakers was Professor Antal Fekete, whose writings we have featured ‎previously.‎ But our award for the “most passionate performance” at […]

Gold is not going up | paper money is going down

by Egon von Greyerz – Matterhorn Asset Management This month we will discuss the illusion of gold going up. We will  examine the destiny of the dollar and why it will reach its intrinsic value of zero. We will also demonstrate why money printing will accelerate rapidly in the next 12-24 months. Paper Money Collapsing […]

How and why China will flood the gold market

Back in August we reported that the Chinese Government was encouraging it’s citizens to purchase gold and silver and why they might be doing it.  Here’s some more on the subject from Casey Research’s Jeff Clark…   By Jeff Clark, Editor, Casey’s Gold & Resource ReportAs you read this, the Chinese government is doing an […]

How Will Niagara Falls Fit Through a Garden Hose

by Jeff Clark, Senior Editor, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report “There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll have a mania in gold. And because the gold and especially silver markets are so tiny, the rush into them will be like trying to push the contents of Hoover Dam through a garden hose. Our positions will […]

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