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Here is where we also feature writing from others around the world. We don’t always agree with everything they have to say but we pick interesting commentary from the likes of James Rickards, Darryl Schoon, Stewart Thomson and many others.

Often giving our 2 cents worth on what they have to say too.

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Silver the Other Monetary Metal

Like gold, silver has a venerable monetary history. Often referred to as the “poor man’s gold”, it has a Biblical pedigree,  Judas having allegedly betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Again, like gold, silver has been moulded into coins for centuries. However, unlike gold, except in special applications like gold plated electrodes, silver has […]

Dark Clouds are Rolling

Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management has published an excellent article entitled “The Dark Years are Here” We paraphrase his main points below, adding some observations of our own in red. (1) EMPIRES ARE BUILT ON THEFT, PILLAGE, SLAVE LABOUR AND FINALLY MONEY PRINTING. If we look at the British Empire, we see that […]

Why are gold mining producers reducing their gold hedge books

The simple answer is that gold producers realise that the odds favour an increase in the price of gold in the near future.  Therefore on any weakness in the price of gold, gold producers are either completely unhedging themselves or are reducing their gold hedge books to manageable levels. In AngloGold Ashanti’s case below, they […]

How high can the gold price rise

World renowned gold analyst Alf Fields explains that we are in the early stages of a massive rise in the price of gold. Knowledge is power; knowledge is profit “Manipulation can not last forever against the primary trend. It can happen in the short and medium term, but eventually the facts involved in the primary […]

Green Shoots? – Don’t believe the hype!

Are the green shoots really fresh new growth or has the wilting of the plant merely slowed for a while? US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke coined the term “green shoots” in an interview in March and since then everything has indeed appeared (continuing with the gardening metaphor) to be getting rosier. Job losses appear […]

Why Gold is Still in a Bull Market

Bull and bear markets in natural resources are usually framed by issues of supply and demand.  The economic idea is that when resources are scarce, they become expensive and so less are consumed.  At the same time, more money is available for producers to bring new sources of supply on line, thereby increasing the supply, […]