David Morgan | 2008 crisis has not been resolved

David Morgan has been around the block and is one of the best sources of information on silver in particular.

In the below interview which took place during the recent 2012 World Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver Morgan discusses:

  • How the 2008 financial crisis has not been resolved
  • To have a European union of multiple countries with such different
  • capital structures, spending rates, and promises to the populace, and to
  • combine them together is ludicrous
  • Once the truth in Europe comes out, you can’t print your way out of it
  • Short term slow down is occurring in India and China with China
  • holding 62 million unoccupied apartments; longer term China will
  • become a super power
  • Regardless who wins the US election, the ship (USA) is going down
  • Junior mining companies are finding it tough
  • Mid tier gold and silver producers are the ones to be in
  • The bottom for the mining shares is in
  • Silver heading higher towards $US40
  • Bullish on gold too

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