Dollar – The Greatest Pyramid Scheme Of All Time

We’ve written previously about the gold standard and it’s various guises over the past century and a bit.

For example this article touches on the classical gold standard and our thoughts on what the “ideal” would be. While in module’s 2 and 3 of our ecourse we give a quick run through of 100 years of monetary history.

So if you check out those you’ll get a pretty good understanding.

However if you’re someone who prefers to learn via watching and listening then this week we stumbled across an old video that does give a pretty good overall view of the monetary system over the past century or so.

The video was actually put together by a now shut down bullion dealer in the USA – Merit Financial. So even though it appears they were a bit “dodgy” to say the least, the information contained in their video is pretty solid. So don’t go hunting out Merit Financial as they no longer exist!

The video covers:

  • The classical gold standard
  • The impact of WWI and WWII
  • The transformation to the “Bretton Woods” standard
  • Nixons severing of the final link to gold of the US dollar
  • The current “Dollar Standard” and its inherent problems


It’s only 20 minutes long and a decent enough history lesson if you need some gaps filled in.

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