Doug Casey: Why the Dam is Finally Breaking on the US Dollar

We’ve posted some short videos of Doug Casey in the past, but nothing as meaty as these 2.  They’re both full of information In video 1 you’ll hear from Doug on his decidedly non-mainstream point of view on government, The US and coming elections, Europe and more.  And you’ll learn specifically why he shifted to New Zealand back in 1998 and where he has moved to next and why. Then in Video 2 you can get a free lesson on how to speculate on government created opportunities and bubbles… 

Maybe Iran wants a bomb. Maybe not.

But blocking it out of the SWIFT system, in other words cutting it off from using the US dollar for its oil trades (among other things) because we suspect it does, simply meant that countries that still want to trade with Iran and which are not beholden to our political whim, have found ways of doing business without a dollar in sight.

That was a reckless decision at best. It opens the door to alternatives… alternatives that Russia, China and India – all major dollar holders – may just like better.

As Doug explains, it may be a step toward a return to a gold-based monetary system, something we’ve discussed many times in the past.

Watch Doug’s illuminating interview with Border Gold’s Michael Levy.

Doug Casey’s Ten Tips on Speculation and Life

By Doug Casey, Casey Research

In this interview, Doug Casey outlines the difference between savings, investing, and speculation, justifies why he would rather risk 10% of his portfolio on speculating for big gains than 100% hoping for just 10% gains, and explains why, as safe as you might think it is, the money in your bank account may never be given back to you.

Click here to see what Doug has to say about speculators, gamblers, and life.

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