FAQ Webinar Replay and Gold Symposium Highlights

This week:
  • Quick highlights from the Gold Symposium in Sydney
  • Replay of our first Gold & Silver FAQ Webinar
  • Gold Seasonality
Quick highlights from the Gold Symposium in Sydney

We’re rather late with our weekly update this week as we’ve not long been back from the Sydney Gold Symposium.  We’ve written up a mountain of notes from the excellent presentations by the key note speakers such as Eric Sprott, Egon Von Greyerz and Ben Davies and intend to write a few articles on these over the next week so keep an eye out for them shortly.

So we’ll keep this brief and just say that unsurprisingly for a Gold conference the speakers were all very bullish on gold and silver in the long term.  Almost disturbingly so.  But then again this wasn’t exactly a mainstream event so perhaps we don’t need to be concerned yet.

What was somewhat surprising was that virtually every speaker also believed that the end of this bull market in precious metals would likely see a return to some type of gold standard.  As opposed to the last bull market end in the 70’s which merely ended with high interest rates putting an end to gold’s run and a continuation of the existing fiat money system.

The best line of the conference probably went to Eric Sprott, when discussing the fact that gold was up about 600% against just about every currency on the planet.  He said they’re all crap! It’s like “Who’s the prettiest horse in the glue factory!”

Another surprising twist was a speech by Alf Fields – an Elliott Wave charting whizz who we featured in one of our very first posts back in 2009 with his price targets back then. He concluded his speech with a target for the next wave up of $4500.  But the real surprise was that he only expects two small corrections of 13% during this run up.  These are very small moves down for such a big overall move up.  Anyway time will tell.

Replay of our first Gold & Silver FAQ Webinar

The first of what we intend to be a regular feature – our Gold and Silver FAQ Webinar went pretty well last weekend.  If you couldn’t make it we’ve now got the recording up which you can watch by clicking this link: Gold and Silver FAQ Webinar, or the one at the end of this column.

We intend to make these a question and answer session and also come up with some interesting content of our own too.

Look out for an email advising the date and time of the next one soon.  We’ll probably try for a weeknight at around 8pm.

Gold Seasonality

The other article we’ve put up this week looks at the how gold usually makes highs for the year during November/December. We’ve got a chart in there showing the move up in the past month has put gold in NZ dollars near record highs before the fall today.

Gold in NZD last 6 months

Silver is also down quite markedly even with a weaker NZ dollar and so likely a good buy at these levels in the long term.

So if you’d like a quote one of our suppliers is now open Saturday mornings so give David a call on 0800 888 465 or email [email protected]

Have a golden week(end)!


Glenn (and David)

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