Fraud & Theft: Financial Crime is Now a Business Model – Ron Hera

Continuing the theme of Derivatives this week, we have an interesting video with SGT Report interviewing Ron Hera from…

Part 1: Fraud and Theft

Covered in this interview:

  • Absolute scandal from the bankers with LIBOR and Knight Capital flash crash.
  • Market manipulation is running rampant and is creating artificial markets whereas free markets are a dying breed.
  • Too many financial institutions are backed by a ‘Too Big To Fail Policy’ and OTC derivatives are the primary reason for this ‘Too Big To Fail Policy’.
  • What do HSBC bank, money laundering and physical gold have in common?
  • Precious metals are real world assets in physical form and are a hedge against this paper fraud.

Part 2: Hyperinflation is a 100% certainty between 2016 – 2020

Covered in part 2 of the interview:

  • How poor do people have to get before they get angry and fight back?
  • The people of Argentina didn’t turn out into the streets until the banks closed and their pension funds were destroyed.
  • Do derivatives really matter and can they be unwound safely?
  • More about precious metals and allocations amounts towards the metals.
  • The supply and demand for silver is very bullish due to silver being a by-product of base metals mines along with a slow down in China.

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