Gerald Celente | Global Currency Watch with Stephen Ayre

In this radio interview with Gerald Celente he covers a multitude of topics including:

  • The Euro and the US are locked in a debt burden downtrend
  • More QE3 on the way in the USA
  • Major countries such as China and India lowering their interest rates to flood the environment with cheap money
  • A new world currency with gold part of it is needed; “Digital paper is not worth the paper it is not printed on”
  • USA has debts of $60 trillion and counting; only way to reduce this debt is to devalue the currency
  • A world depression is going on; What follows are currency wars, trade wars and world wars
  • The IMF should be called the International Mafia Federation where only the small people pay taxes
  • Still no charges in MF global; When you merge State and corporate powers you get fascism
  • Support the local farmers markets and break the corporate cycle of corruption

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