Inevitable Physical Silver Shortage & $100 Break to Price Manipulation

GATA’s Bill Murphy is interviewed on Crush the Street. In this short but content crammed interview they cover:

*How long term interest rates have risen without the Fed actually raising rates.

*How the big banks that control the Fed might actually want a rate hike right now.

*How silver is the “achilles heel” of gold price suppression.

*Why US$21 in silver is a key level, now that $18.50 has been broken.

Here are the topics covered in this interview and the time they start:

02:45 Interest Rates, rate hike risk, long-term rising
05:35 Silver: The Achilles heel of gold cartel
07:20 $21 Silver is key turning point, moonshot start
09:10 Does Gold lead Silver or the other way around
10:00 Physical Silver shortage risk; $100 per oz?
11:45 Cartel doesn’t want exciting headlines for metals
12:45 GATA isn’t given the credit for supporting truth
14:40 Learn more, visit GATA & subscribe & read; originated in 1 998


Via Crush the Street.

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