Jim Rogers | silver and agriculture are the best opportunities right now

Jim Rogers was recently interviewed on CNBC (full video below).  He thinks the US dollar will rally in the short term before continuing it’s long term down trend.  He likes silver more than gold right now although will buy more gold if it drops a bit further.  Although he “wouldn’t think of selling [gold]” at the moment either.

He also currently rates agriculture over other hard commodities like copper which has also risen sharply this year.  He tells the interviewer as he has done to others previously, that if she wants to make money to become a farmer!

And while he mentions there are and will be many opportunities in foreign currencies, how’s this for a sound bite…

“Paper money throughout the world is being printed everywhere, so all paper money is suspect.  We may have to wind up with all our paper money in commodities, cos there is no paper money we can trust.”

And while Jim could be accused of “talking his book”, (he has direct involvement in farmland investments and designed the Rogers International Commodity Index ( RICI ) in 1998), we’d recommend taking notice of someone who’s made millions in the past, rather than the central bankers who print millions or rather trillions!

Specifically Rogers co-founded the quantum fund with George Soros in 1970 which made 4200% in the next decade during the last commodities bull market, while the broad stock market made less than 50% over that time.  So he knows a thing or 2 about long term trends, particularly in commodities.

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