What Might Happen Now After Fed Rate Hike?

What Might Happen Now After Fed Rate Hike

This Week:

  • Silver Still Outperforming Gold
  • What Might Happen Now After Fed Rate Hike?
  • ‘Bond God’ Gundlach: Trump rally is ‘losing steam’… Gold headed higher
  • The Full Details on Silver Manipulation Exposed
  • Not Long Until the “War on Cash” Comes to New Zealand

Prices and Charts

Spot Price Today / oz Weekly Change ($) Weekly Change (%)
NZD Gold $1608.21 – $31.63 – 1.92%
USD Gold $1142.95 – $29.54 – 2.51%
NZD Silver $23.74 – $0.24 – 1.00%
USD Silver $16.87 – $0.24 – 1.40%
NZD/USD 0.7107 – 0.0044 – 0.61%
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The same recent trend continues with silver outperforming gold again this week.

Gold fell just under 2% while silver only dipped 1%.

Gold is barely above a redrawn rising trendline today. It is actually lower than on the chart as the price of gold fell following the US Fed interest rate hike which occurred after the closing price on the chart. NZD Gold is just turning up from the extremely oversold region it has been in. So perhaps we may see it finally bounce higher now?

NZ Dollar Gold Chart

NZD silver has moved higher all this month but again like gold dropped today even though it too isn’t shown on the chart. The redrawn longer term trendline shows silver is still in a rising trend in NZ dollar terms, as it has been since late 2014.

NZ Dollar Silver Chart

The NZ Dollar reacted sharply to the US rate hike dropping over a cent this morning, giving a bit of buoyancy to NZ precious metals prices.

NZ Dollar Chart

What Might Happen Now After Fed Rate Hike?

With gold so oversold it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it bounce higher in the coming days. But the previous US Federal Reserve rate increase this time last year, saw gold and silver fall in the short term. It wasn’t until January that they turned and began their powerful run higher.

So perhaps as is outlined in this article we may not see gold move much higher until after the Trump inauguration as President in the New Year?

Dollar Vs Yen: Good News For Gold

Dollar Vs Yen

Recent history also points to the end of the year being a good time to purchase. We posted this chart last year and again we are seeing a similar pattern play out. With NZD gold again falling in December. Will we again see a spike lower over the Christmas/New Year period? This has proven a good time to purchase for each of the past 3 years. Will this make it 4 in a row?

NZ Gold end of year lows

Bond Guru Jeffrey Gundlach thought the post Trump stock rally might be losing steam and that gold could rise in the short term.

‘Bond God’ Gundlach: Trump rally is ‘losing steam’… Gold headed higher

“There is going to be a buyer’s remorse period,” said Gundlach, who voted for Trump and accurately predicted in January the winner of the presidential election.

“The dollar is going to go down, yields have peaked and will move sideways, stocks have peaked as well and gold is going to go up in the short term.“

Gundlach, known on Wall Street as the “Bond King,” went “maximum negative” on Treasuries on July 6 when the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note hit 1.32%.

“I am less defensive now on Treasuries and I am less negative on the 10-year Treasury note at a 2.35% yield than we were at 1.35% yield,” he said. “Bank of America’s dividend yield is 1.39% while the 3-year Treasury yield is 1.45%. I mean, really?”

Gundlach began purchasing Treasuries last week and agency mortgage-backed securities on Tuesday, as yields have risen, he said.


He said that at the start of the month. Yesterday it was reported:

“Gundlach said the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index, which is up 6.5 percent since the election, could reverse their solid momentum at the latest by Trump’s Jan. 20inauguration. Gundlach said he thinks the dollar is going to soften in the weeks ahead as “bullishness in the dollar is pretty entrenched.”


So perhaps this is playing out now with the stock market also falling today?

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The Full Details on Silver Manipulation Exposed

We have a larger than usual number of articles on the website this week so we’ll just point you in the direction of a few of them in particular. As there is plenty of reading there.

You may have heard about the documents Deutsche Bank had to reveal as part of its settlement in a lawsuit against them accusing them of silver manipulation. There really can be no doubt no about manipulation in the silver market.

The Full Details on Silver Manipulation Exposed

Silver Manipulation

Not Long Until the “War on Cash” Comes to New Zealand

Overnight there was news out of Australia of that points to the likely removal of the $100 note over there and a limit on the size of cash transactions. See what this likely means for us here in New Zealand.

Not Long Until the “War on Cash” Comes to New Zealand

War on Cash

Check out the rest of the articles at the end of this email.

GoldSurvivalGuide: In The News

If you’re a deep south reader you may have seen some of our content on the RBNZ’s bank bail in policy was quoted in an article in the Advocate South ealier this week. If you’re not a Southerner you can still view it online here (you’ll need to flick forward 2 pages to page 5):

Handling the Moral Hazard

Good to see some information on NZ’s bank bail in and lack of bank deposit insurance making it into the local press.

In Closing

It will be interesting to see how the last couple of weeks of the year play out and if we get somewhat of a repeat of what happened following last years Fed rate rise.

Get in touch if you have any questions about the buying process. We’ll be open over the holidays but will confirm trading hours next week.

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