Peter Schiff – Why 2013 Looks a Lot Like 2006 Again


This is an entertaining video of Peter Schiff’s presentation at the recent 2013 Money Show in Las Vegas.

Schiff outlines why 2013 looks a lot like 2006 again with real estate and stock prices rising on the back of cheap money. He covers a lot of ground including:

    • What assets will be dumped this time compared to 2008?


    • What happens when you rely on cheap government money with low interest rates?


    • Why the economy can’t recover with low interest rates, and what happens if the Fed does raise rates?


    • What happens to the economy once the Fed owns all the long term bonds and interest rates rise?


    • Why the bond market is the biggest ponzi scheme ever and why Bernie Madoff should become Secretary of the Treasury (I mean Secretary of the Debt)


    • What is the Feds exit strategy? Plus what’s going to bring an end to the party?


    • And to finish, why gold is not in a bubble?


2 thoughts on “Peter Schiff – Why 2013 Looks a Lot Like 2006 Again

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  2. Brian Dodds says:

    Peter Schiff talks about a Ponzi scheme where the US government says it will not payback its present loans unless the borrowing ceiling is raised for future loans. The government has no more money to pay the interest on the previous loans. Even a schoolboy knows YOU CANNOT BORROW YOUR WAY OUT OF DEBT.

    The only real Ponzi scheme going is the one nobody talks about. The truth that the Federal Reserve and all reserve bank’s are private banks that print money out of nothing and loan it to the governments and people alike at interest. (Governments could print their own money but that is frowned on and has consequences as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy found out). Central banks printing money is called “quantitative easing” in the banking world and it is legal. In the world of normal people it is called counterfeiting and you can go to jail for it.

    As if they hadn’t made enough money by just printing it, they then add interest on top. There is not enough money even in circulation in the world to ever pay the interest. THE NATIONAL DEBT OF COUNTRIES IS IMPOSSIBLE TO REPAY, simply because it is designed that way…. A modern form of slavery.

    Trouble is, finally the banks have end up with all the money and the rest of the world is broke. Not a very good situation for continuing business. Under the rules, if nobody has any money to deposit, the banks can’t multiply that amount by 9 and create more counterfeited money …. The whole system starts to break down which is what is taking place now.

    At the same time other countries are getting tired of the Federal Reserve`s dollar pretty much having a monopoly on international trade currency and are starting to bypass it. They have noticed that this present system cannot last and the only way is to switch to some REAL MONEY, which is money that is backed by gold. In that system a bank cannot print more money than it has the gold to back it.

    Peter can’t understand why the Federal Reserve still keeps printing money when they know it can never fixed the problem. I think the reason is they have no choice so keep the facade going as long as possible which gives the owners a limited time where they can print more money to buy heaps of gold before their Ponzi Corporation and the whole system goes belly up. (Some of that money pays for the rigging of the precious-metal prices). The owners will then try and run with their gold and buy into some safe haven where they hope nobody will find them. The drama continues ….

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