Silver Price Charts | What Can They Tell Us

An NZ Video Guide to Investing in Silver: Part 2

Here’s the second video in our new “Gold and Silver Videos”  category.  The first video An NZ Video Guide to Investing in Silver covered a range of topics on silver investment.

In this video “Wild Bill” (who also writes our “Weekly Wanderings” column every week) returns and hones in on silver’s price performance with a discussion of US and NZ silver price charts, including:

  • Silver’s performance over the past 10 years in US dollars
  • Charts of Silver in NZ dollars versus Silver in US dollars
  • A look at silver’s performance versus gold
  • Taking the historical price movements into account, how best to purchase silver
  • The gold/silver ratio and how to use this measure as a trading strategy

Please post a comment below and let us know what other topics you’d like to hear more about in future videos…

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