An NZ Video Guide to Investing in Silver | Part 1

Silver: A Tightly Coiled Spring

Here’s the first video in our new “Gold and Silver Videos”  category.

In this video Gold Survival Guides resident intellectual “Wild Bill” (who also writes our “Weekly Wanderings” column every week) talks about:

  • Silver’s characteristics – its similarities but also its differences from gold
  • The silver paper market versus the silver physical market
  • How silver may perform under an inflationary environment versus a deflationary environment
  • The supply and demand characteristics of silver
  • Discusses the volatility of silver and how this is an advantage if used correctly
  • And the alternatives for investing in Silver in New Zealand.

In Part 2, Silver Price Charts – What can they tell us? we look at some Silver charts in more detail… Post a comment below and let us know what other topics you’d like us to cover in these videos…

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