The Economic Crisis | Part I Video | Interview with Bud Conrad

We always pay close attention to what Bud Conrad the Chief Economist for Casey Research has to say.  Formerly from IBM he approaches his analysis from an engineering perspective.  Often coming to conclusions that differ from others.

Also it was at a lunch with Bud here in Auckland some years ago that we, the founders of Gold Survival Guide met, and at the dinner he was speaking at that night that we discussed an NZ gold focussed website.  So you could say he is responsible for the fact this website even exists!   Reason enough for us personally to pay attention to him.  But he has been pretty well on the money with what he predicted back at the dinner so we think you should pay attention to him too.

This is the first part of an interview with another one due in a week.  He covers the state of the US economy, specifically looking at the investment implications of the current economic conditions.  Definitely worth a listen…

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