Trump Trojan Horse? – Darryl Schoon

Now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States, the world wonders: Will he actually do the things he said he will do? Darryl Robert Schoon returns to SGT report to examine the Trump presidency and answer the question; Is Trump for real – or is he merely a Trojan Horse for some other shadowy group of elites?

Just before the US election we commented that:

“…the key point would seem to be that either candidate intends to try and spend their way to prosperity. We doubt it matters who wins. The massive aircraft carrier USA is already on a predetermined course and even Captain Trump likely won’t be able to alter it too much. But he might help to blow the boat up a bit faster maybe?”

In this interview with the SGT Report, Darryl Schoon uses this same analogy to very good effect. He explains the US is like a giant very powerful ship. At the helm are the elite few that set the course. However down in “steerage” there are the masses who every 4 years get a chance to vote and pick either the left or the right. Little do they know that their choice only has minimal impact upon the ships course. It may veer slightly to the left or right every 4 years, but it still heads in the same preordained direction.

This is a good analogy to keep in mind for democracy in general. The masses are kept satiated by the idea that their vote “counts”. It’s not just in the USA.

But the question Shaun of the SGT Report puts to Darryl is: Is Trump a puppet too? Will he do much if anything of what he said he would do on the campaign trail?

Darryl calls Trump a “disruptor” whose time had come. He believes it’s most likely even more chaos will yet come and Trump may help bring this on. He hopes and expects for something better on the other side. He says Trump is a “Trumpest” meaning for himself first and foremost, with no strong affiliation to the left or the right, which is what makes him so unpredictable.

Shaun and Darryl also discuss:

  • The history of the Republican party.
  • How Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were presidents who were “puppets”. How Debt increased massively under Reagan and how Clinton dismantled the US manufacturing sector.
  • How US agriculture subsidies were what actually started the “immigration” from Mexico, in response to the trade imbalance brought about be ending the gold standard.

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