2014 Bad News (is Finally) Good News For Gold

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Jan. 30, 2014


This Week:

  • Bad News (is Finally) Good News For Gold
  • Money Still Record Cheap Here in NZ
  • Lessons (And a First Hand Report) From Japan
  • US Debt Ceiling – Forgotten But Not Gone


Bad News (is Finally) Good News For Gold

This morning we’ve seen announcements from both the US central bank as well as our own here at home.

Across the pacific the Bernank was heading his final FOMC meeting, where they all agreed another $10 billion reduction in money printing was warranted. Not a huge surprise perhaps but the reaction to it probably was.  Even though the Taper 2.0 was expected US share prices fell. But the bigger surprise to most was probably that the gold price rose immediately after the announcement after making a higher low. On top of this most mining shares were up around 2%, while the DOW was down 1.19%.

So gold and its miners rising on what has, for the past 6 months (the taper), been seen as gold negative news is a positive to us. We have seen a stealth rise thus far in 2014. We reckon we might see that continue without too much fuss and fanfare. Big Bank analysts are almost universally bearish on gold still, with most predicting the price to fall further in 2014. So if the price continues to tick steadily higher without being noticed by too many that will bode well for the long run.

We doubt it will be so simple for the Fed to just keep reducing $10 billion every month for the rest of the year as is expected. But they undoubtedly have ways to keep the pumps flowing while saying they are reducing. This interesting article we came across reckons the fed actually bought $94 billion last year not $85 billion they said they did. So therefore the first taper would only get them back to the level they were meant to be at for 2013.

Money Still Record Cheap Here in NZ

Meanwhile here at home, down in Wellington, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) this morning left interest rates at record lows, surprising quite a few economists. Although most expect them to raise rates in March now. 

The end of the RBNZ statement read:


“While headline inflation has been moderate, inflationary pressures are expected to increase over the next two years. In this environment, there is a need to return interest rates to more-normal levels.  The Bank expects to start this adjustment soon.

The Bank remains committed to increasing the OCR as needed to keep future average inflation near the 2 percent target mid-point.  The scale and speed of the rise in the OCR will depend on future economic indicators.”


We also doubt it will be as obvious as just a series of steady raising of interest rates here in NZ. Odds are there will be a hiccup in the next couple of years – most likely one offshore to impact us here like the last one in 2008. So maybe we could see rates rise in the short term before being cut again before too long.

The New Zealand dollar fell almost a cent after the RBNZ rate hold announcement to just under 0.82. Perhaps showing that much of the good news is priced into the NZ economy already as we noted last week in NZ “Rock Star” Economy Already Priced into NZD? 

So the local gold price got a double shot today with a stronger US gold price and a weaker kiwi dollar. So it’s up $51.55 per ounce or 3.44% since last Wednesday to $1548.

As you can see in the chart below, it is solidly above the 50 day moving average as we guessed it might last week.

NZD Gold Chart

Silver has been more sedate rising 17 cents or 0.71% to $24.15 since last week. While it is not up much, with 50 day moving average flattening out we reckon it might not be long before it is once again above that important technical indicator.

NZD Silver Chart


More on Rising NZ Private Debt

A couple of weeks back we posted a chart from the RBNZ website that showed how private debt levels in New Zealand were heading back to where they were in 2008/09. The latest numbers out on credit card debt back this up.


Credit card debt hits record high

“Figures put out by the Reserve Bank last week showed total credit card balances shot up to just under $6 billion last month – a record high for New Zealand.

Shamubeel Eaqub, principle economist at NZIER, said some of the rise could be attributed to an increasing population but what was of more concern was how much of the borrowing was interest-bearing debt.

Of $5.46 billion credit card debt held on personal cards in November, 66.9 per cent was being charged interest at an average of 17.6 per cent. That was up from 65.9 per cent in November 2012.”



So not only are we as a nation cranking up the mortgages again, but we are also throwing more of our everyday expenses onto credit cards and then just under 70% of those doing this pay interest averaging 17.6%! Sheesh. How/why do people do it? This debt build up almost certainly won’t end well.


Lessons (And a First Hand Report) From Japan

Speaking of not ending well. Japan is an example of this. Their asset price bubble has slowly deflated for the past 2 decades. And while deflation has been the word du jour over that time, the Japanese have continued to accumulate gold but more aggressively of late according to a story on Bloomberg last week.

Gold sales by Japan’s leading bullion dealer Tanaka exceeded their purchases back from the public for the first time since 2004, surging 63% in fact on the previous year. 

Even with the gold price taking a tumble last year, it seems “Abenomics” has meant more Japanese trying to take shelter from Prime Minister Abe’s massive money printing plan. And it seems they are on the right track as the Yen weakened so much last year that the price of gold in Japan held up rather well compared to most other countries as can be seen in the chart below showing gold in Yen versus US dollars (turquoise line).

Gold in Yen Vs USD Gold

An acquaintance of ours who owns a restaurant in Japan gave us his “boots on the ground” perspective this week:


“Yes, there is always a constant stream of people buying and selling [from Tanaka Bullion Dealers]. Up until a year or so ago I could buy gold and silver anonymously, now you have to show proof of identity, name, address etc. And yes, the local price has held up quite well.

I think Abenomics is just a catch phrase for most Japanese, they don’t realise the implications and even if they do there is not much they can do about it. 

From my perspective I have no savings in yen hardly at all, I continually buy gold and silver, it makes no sense for me to save in a ZIRP environment on top of monetary debasement.

As a small business owner I feel the effects of the govt. policies, for example it is mandatory for me to contribute [sic] my staffs national pension and social security plan. When I complained that I couldn’t afford it they told me to raise my prices! To think that money will go to buying more govt. debt makes my blood boil! 

They want inflation so bad but don’t realise they will destroy business doing it! They have called for small business owners to raise salaries! Since the big boys earnings have gone down they are actively harassing small businesses and particularly foreigners for taxes. They track any money sent overseas for higher yields and then tax you on any profits as well as the usual penalties. 

On the ground the average joe sees no noticeable difference I believe, my restaurant business is doing fine although I’m on the bottom end of the scale but most places seem busy. I think it will take quite a big shock to make any difference.

I’m a big fan of Martin Armstrong and can see what he’s talking about when he says govt. will come after you with everything they’ve got and how deflationary that is even though they’re trying to create inflation.”


We thanked him for letting us use his comments and said “Thanks for the detailed response. It might give us a glimpse as to where most western nations are heading perhaps?”

He replied:


“I think that’s where we’re all heading but the Japanese are a lot more docile than most other populations. They have just announced the biggest trade deficit ever but that doesn’t mean anything to the guy in the street…yet.”


So maybe we will all be turning Japanese? Watch out for the government here and in most places to be looking to extract more from the average guy in the street. Eventually we’ll also have to collect ID etc when selling gold and silver here as well. That is on the cards under Anti Money Laundering laws being implemented in stages here in NZ. But from what we know will still be a couple of years away. But consider yourself warned.  


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US Debt Ceiling – Forgotten But Not Gone


We have seen little mention of the US debt ceiling lately. Recall the US Poli’s agreed to fob it off for a couple months towards the end of last year. But they will be running out of borrowing room again by late February according to this report.


Lew Warns Congress of Late-February Debt Deadline


“Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has told Congress that by late February he will run out of steps he can take to avoid a first-ever default on U.S. debt.


In a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday, Lew said he thinks he will exhaust the bookkeeping maneuvers he can make to avoid breaching the federal borrowing limit sooner than previously thought. He had estimated in December that he could avoid a default until late February or early March.


Under an agreement that ended the partial government shutdown in October, Congress suspended the debt limit until Feb. 7. After that, Lew would start using the bookkeeping maneuvers.


He urged Congress to raise the limit before Feb. 7.”





So on top of the ongoing worry for financial markets of the Fed Taper this could be another catalyst for some bumpier times ahead. And maybe some more fuel to keep gold quietly moving higher? If you’d like to get some (perhaps ahead of further price rises) then get in touch:

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