Brexit: The Big Picture

Brexit Gold Price Reaction

Mike Maloney discusses why he think the moves in global markets, currencies and also gold and silver may actually just be big over-reactions to all the fear mongering about the impact of the Brexit “leave” vote.

He looks at:

  • How silver hasn’t thus far followed gold so much higher.
  • How the Commitment of Traders report for gold futures shows the “commercial traders” are at their largest short position for the last year for gold.
  • How silver is also much the same which indicates in the short term both metals could well fall from here.
  • Why he is still personally buying and adding to his gold and silver positions regardless of this.


Brexit: The Big Picture

In this second video Maloney gives a good big picture overview of the impacts of the Brexit leave vote:

  • Why he doesn’t believe it is “the end of the world”
  • How moves in the British Pound and the Euro in the past week may look pretty bad but in the big picture are perhaps not as significant.
  • How they haven’t broken key support levels.
  • How Great Britain may actually have some advantages from a weaker currency.
  • How global stock indexes such as the US Dow Jones Industrial Average are actually still looking bullish in terms of trends.
  • Why the fear mongering is ridiculous and w should remember who runs the media and what benefits are to them.
  • How the Euro to British Pound exchange rate is not that significant compared to prior moves over the past 10 years.
  • US Monetary Base versus the top 5000 US stocks – the correlation still holds and shows that the new currency created since 2008 has reflated the stock market. And how the odds favour the stock market falling again to match the base currency.
  • How the US economy is overdue for a recession and how it will be painful when the market tries to adjust for the central bank meddling.
  • The fear mongering is trying to make a big deal over the
  • How Britain will have a cheap currency and also less regulation so the stuff they sell will become cheaper for others to buy. The overall impact on Britain may be positive compared to if they’d remained.
  • However the media and EU are going to blame anything bad that happens on the leave vote to justify the existence of the EU.

Here’s a slightly different take on the reasons behind the Brexit vote outcome:

The Brexit Conspiracy?

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