Exit Strategy… What Exit Strategy?


Chris Martenson has a real ability to explain things simply and clearly as he does so well in his crash course. (If you have yet to watch the Crash Course, we posted a summary of this along with a condensed video of it 4 years ago. See this link: Chris Martenson’s Condensed Crash Course). In the below video he manages to do the same with his explanation of QE and why they will find it so hard to back out of it.

Particularly striking was his use of the analogy of a wave in regards to how with the financial crises of recent decades (such as Long Term Capital Management bailout in 2000 and the 2008 near end of the financial system),  the frequency is getting smaller (i.e. they occur more often) but the amplitude is actually getting larger, so he reckons the next crisis will be larger than the 2008 one.

Definitely worth a watch…

Exit Strategy… What Exit Strategy?

By Russia Today, News Network

Crash Course creator Chris Martenson explains why it’s easier to start than to stop quantitative easing: “A lot of what we hear is the Fed’s exit strategy … what most people don’t know is that this thing doesn’t work in reverse very well at all.” In this excellent interview with RT, Martenson explains why Bernanke & Co. found it relatively simple to start their money printing, but why they will have a hell of a time getting off the runaway QE train.

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