Rickards: Why Gold Is Going To $10,000

We’re still waiting on our advance copy of Jim Rickards new book “The New Case for Gold” from his publisher. So we’ll have more to report on that when it arrives – it may not be an advance copy by the time we get it though!

In the interim we came across a great interview with him by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. They discuss his new book and why a cocktail of factors makes it more critical than ever for investors to protect their portfolios with gold.

Richards goes through a number of the points that the anti-gold crowd often promulgate and negates each of them.

Such as:

  • John Maynard Keynes calling gold a “barbarous relic.”
  • Why there isn’t enough gold to support finance and commerce. 
  • Why the gold supply can’t increase fast enough to support world growth.

They also discuss, golds correlation or not correlation with commodities, interest rates and real interest rates, and inflation. Plus the surprising performance of gold in deflation.

And the reasons why he says you must own physical gold over other types that can be bought.

Note: While he recommends American Gold Eagle Coins, for New Zealanders this is often not the best choice. Why?

Because the American Gold Eagle like the South African Krugerrand bullion coin, is 22 karat meaning it is made up of 0.9167 fine gold. Here in New Zealand gold coins and bars that are under 99.9% pure attract GST. So better to buy coins and bars that are 99.9% pure or more.

Follow Jim on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamesGRickards
Learn more about Jim’s work: http://JamesRickardsProject.com

Order Jim’s new book “The New Case For Gold”: http://amzn.to/232yTE2

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2 thoughts on “Rickards: Why Gold Is Going To $10,000

  1. maurice says:

    This is a great video, anyone who sees it and disregards the message is someone who is an eternal hopeful.

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