Silver Rigging: “Cease and Desist” by January 1, 2018 (Bix Weir)

Last week we wrote an article highlighting some big (but seriously under-reported) changes in the silver market. You may want to check that out here if you haven’t already:

This video from Bix Weir also summarises much of that content quite nicely too.

But if you’re already up to speed with the significant changes in the LBMA silver price benchmark then you may just want to skip forward to the 13:30 mark to see what Bix’s conclusions are.

He believes the withdrawal of Thomson Reuters and CME from running the benchmark “auction” process are very significant.

Here’s his conclusions:

1) Unless a new form of silver price manipulation is invented and implemented the LBMA will cease operations by January 1, 2018.

2) Without the LBMA there will be no “Physical Silver” exchange on the planet and no price reporting for physical silver.

3) Without a physical silver exchange the COMEX Derivative Market will have no price justification under US Commodity Law and will also be forced to shut down. (Because for a Futures and Options market (which is what the COMEX is) to exist, there must be a corresponding physical market and price. As the futures market cannot legally set the price, they must be price followers.)

4) The long awaited END of silver manipulation now has a ticking time limit that is less than 10 months out.

5) In the end, 50 years of silver price suppression will be lifted and the price of Physical Silver will be free to find it’s true Fair Market Value.

Bix believes this is the ultimate reason to hold silver  – to see silver find its fair market valuation. But he says make sure out is “physical silver in your own possession!”

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